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Jun 30, 2011 03:27 PM

Potato & Leek Soup

What is the secret to a creamy & flavorsome Potato & Leek soup?

I tested a recipe which consisted of just butter, salt, pepper, potato, leek & whole milk
It had very little flavour so I added 1 clove garlic, 2 tsps chicken stock, 1/3 cup cream. It was not bad but not fantastic.

Any tips?

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  1. I would saute an onion and a shallot and puree them into the soup for more onion flavor, plus I'd probably add some thyme and maybe a little white wine for balance. Are you looking to adapt that recipe or find a new one entirely?

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      I think I would look at an entirely new recipe, pureed onion and shallot may work well. And, yes, I agree the milk did dull the flavour. Sour cream (as suggested on the recipe link) sounds interesting... may try a few variations but am looking at perfecting the recipe.
      I was hoping to serve it with shaved trufflle on top but unsure whether the dish is "worthy of truffle" hmmmm

      1. Bag the whole milk, use 4 cups of chicken stock, puree or blend until smooth, then add a couple of tbsp of cream. Too much milk dulled the flavor, those leeks & potatoes are actually delicately flavored.

        1. I like Dorie Greenspan Leek and Potato soup the best (from her Around My French Table book). She uses a combination of chicken stock and milk and a provides directions to make it smooth, chunky, hot or cold.

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            Here is a link to the Dorie Greenspan recipe: http://simplegoodandtasty.com/2011/04...

            It does look good, although I agree with Phurstluv that a lot of milk will dull the flavor - I would probably use more chicken stock and add cream at the end as well. I think it would be delicious with truffles shaved on top, as long as you find just the right recipe for the soup first!

          2. The recipe called for milk but no stock? No wonder it was bland. The key is the stock. Those boxes of chicken stock you get at the supermarket or Trader Joe's are not much better than water, so you should make stock from scratch. For me, supermarket chicken is too bland to make stock just from the carcass, but turkey necks make a first rate stock for a decent price.

            Milk or cream is optional (I prefer neither), and more stock is a waste if the stock has no taste. Go buy some turkey necks (or chicken thighs or drumsticks) and make a decent stock. Make a big batch and freeze what you can't use right away.

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              I disagree w your characterization of those boxes of stock are not much better than water. I use them all the time, they give my dishes a lot of flavor, and are not flavorless. Most famous chefs use them too, so to discredit them and say you should ONLY use homemade stock is baseless.

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                I have never made my own puropse made stock from turkey necks. Do you have a basic recipe?