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Jun 30, 2011 03:09 PM

what to do w a too sweet cake

help!, i baked a cake and it was really cloyingly sweet. what can i use it for now?. don't want to throw away the cake.
its sweet but i pretty use i can use it for other purposes...(like crumbling it into tart yogurt?)
thks guys!

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  1. You could chop it into cubes and use 50/50 that cake and plain bread to make bread pudding, using very little (or no) sugar in your batter.

    You could serve it like a parfait with greek yogurt -- or maybe a small slice with a giant dollop of greek yogurt or completely unsweetened whipped cream would work? Along those lines you could slice it horizontally and stuff it with yogurt or cream, or even make a trifle with some apricots or other nice tart fruit, yogurt and whipped cream so no other elements are very sweet.

    1. Crumble it with cottage cheese or ricotta cheese and fresh berries.

      Could you maybe use it to make a bread crumb topping over berries? You know like a blueberry crisp? You could mix the crumbled cake with chopped pecans and oats and sprinkle over the macerated berries and bake until it browns and bubbles.

      1. dark chocolate ganache
        vanilla ice cream

        1. If you cut the cake in half sideways, you can fill it with a very tart jam and top with unsweetened whipped cream. Or you can cut it into small pieces and if you make a dark chocolate fondue, the dark chocolate will cut the sweetness.

          1. You could make those cake lollipops that are all the rage right now, but use something not-sweet to bind them, like yogurt or cream cheese, then cover in very dark chocolate to cut the sweetness further. Here's a recipe: