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where have all the jewish delis gone?

As a girl visiting the grandparents in Hollywood in the 70s and 80s, I had many happy meals in places like wolfie's, the rascal house, and pumpernick's. Now, after decades away, i'm paying my respects to my gram and Gramps and wonder if anyone has a rec for a like place--pickles and bread basket on table, awesome corned beef, etc-- in the Boca/pompano/ft Lauderdale area?

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  1. Ben's Deli in Boca is well regarded. Sage in Hallandale is kosher and pretty good.

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      in deerfield bch on hillsboro and dixie is the pickle barrel cant go wrong, alot of toojays locally but its chain restaurant, and for truly authentic and worth the drive is strathmores on lake worth road and 441, www.bestbagelsanddeli.com , i grew up in skokie illinois and north miami beach, you could reach for a corned beef anywhere you were in the 70's and 80's

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        Sage is kosher style and not kosher while the bagels are the best i've had in Florida their meats are strictly Hebrew National.

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          Sage has in my opinion the best bagels this area

        2. I love the bagels at Gramercy in Delray on Jog, just south of Atlantic. Their whole wheat everything bagel is great!

          As for pickles and slaw on the table, I don't think they do that, but their deli looks pretty good. I've only had nova or baked salmon there.

          1. Rascal House both in North Miami and Boca have closed.

            3G's, Poppies are average, both seem kinda dirty and need updating both in Delray. Had an average sandwich at TooJays Boca on Military by the Polo Club, last weekend, that also needs some spending on the interior. The TooJays off Glades is better. Gramercy Park in Delray is new but I am not nuts for it either.

            1. As a New Yorker, I have tried TooJays, Deli Queen (now Deli Princess), Pickle Barrel...Of these, Ben's is the only good one, in my opinion. We travel all the way from east Fort Lauderdale to northwest Boca when we want a deli fix. Pomperdales in Fort Lauderdale has a very good reputation, but is only open breakfast and lunch...so I've only had nova and bagels there. Sage, too, is only open breakfast and lunch. Love their bagels and smoked fish, but can't speak to their deli. y the way, Sage is not kosher, but Ben's is...if that matters to you.

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                Are Deli Queen and Pastrami Queen different? I thought Pastrami Queen was closed down.

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                  Pastrami Queen is reopening in the same space it previously occupied and will be called Zinger's Deli ( original owner sans partner). Hope the pastrami is as good as it was -- can't wait.

              2. Ah, Pumpernicks. Nice memories, and they stayed open late. But that was Dade County.

                1. I would also recommend Sage, although I haven't been to any of the other places mentioned, so I can't compare. In response to the question in the subject line of your post, you should check out a book called Save the Deli by David Sax. It seems to answer your question pretty well, and touches specifically on the history of deli in Florida. http://www.savethedeli.com/

                  1. thanks all for the recommendations. if anyone is interested, i went to pomperdales, as it was relatively close to where i was. not a rascal house/pumpernick's experience -- no rolls on the table, but a regular deli, with huge sandwiches, decent matzah ball soup, ok knishes, and pretty good brisket. and i raised a can of diet Dr. Brown's Black cherry in memory of my grandparents and to places like these old delis.

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                      having flashbacks as a kid and remeber putting my leftovers in a bag to go from my deli's as a youth and every time i got home my mother seemed to stuff a dozen pickles and green tomatoes n slaw in because they were free

                    2. Ben's Deli in Boca is very good and Kosher. They do open in Shabbat, hence the certification is not accepted by many... I love the place. Their certificate explains they sell the business to a non-jew during the Shabbat. The place is meat, therefore no cheese blintzes or creamed herring.
                      Sage in Hallandale is also very good, but certainly they don't claim to be kosher.
                      Truthfully the availability is probably a supply and demand issue as the interest for this type of food dwindles... Too bad

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                        But there is clearly a jewish and non-jewish population in Dade and Broward and PB County to support an authentic jewish deli. Maybe not kosher any longer.

                      2. Ike's Deli in Deerfield Beach... everything is homemade and amazing... roast beef is delicious too

                        1. Absolutely hands down the worst sandwhich I ever had. If you want a real sandwhich, go to Spanky's in Margate, FL, or for a 2nd choice, go to Mir's in Pompano Beach

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                            Which place had the worst sandwich?

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                              My bad!
                              The Pickle Barrel (hillsboro & dixie)makes the worst philly cheese steak

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                                this is a thread about Jewish Deli's

                                NO JEWISH DELI WOULD EVER MAKE A PHILLY CHEESE STEAK!!!!!!!!

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                                    Why wouldn't a Jewish deli make a cheesesteak? Any deli that would make a Reuben could easily make one.

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                                      I know the question was for Big, but I think it's just not what they specialize in. Not saying they can't make one, I just wouldn't judge them on it. I've never been to a Jewish deli that had Philly Cheesesteak on menu and it seems as though The Pickle Barrel is not a Jewish Deli, but how they make their Reuben would be more telling...

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                                        come on guys we're talking about jewish delis.... a cheesteak is sooooooo not kosher lol

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                                            exactly! no meat and cheese when I was growing up.

                              2. WOW I had a very pleasant surprise when I was passing a place on Lake Worth Road named "Essex Deli" and recalled a good review of the place. I went in and with full trust, ordered what else? a Pastrami and Corned Beef on rye, etc. and when I got it, it reminded me of the old style sanwich with a good amout of both meats sliced thin and steamed....some good fat was present...that what adds flavor and nostalgia to the item, Though also National (the same as in Toojay's, it was just the best...$11. Be sure Pat or Patty makes the sanwich !!! she works day shift

                                2240 NW 19th St Ste 700, Boca Raton, FL 33431