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Jun 30, 2011 12:09 PM

fraise du bois, or wild strawberries, in LA?

Anybody know where to find the wonderful little berries in LA? Do any supermarkets carry them?

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  1. Wednesday's Santa Monica Farmers Market:

    Santa Monica Organic Farmers Market
    3rd Street and Arizona Ave, Santa Monica, CA

    1. Two or three weeks ago, Jaime Farms had some at the Pasadena farmers' market (Saturday). They were indeed wonderful. They grow them for restaurants, but sometimes they have extra which they bring to their "favorite" markets.

      1. As you probably know, fraise des bois are extremely perishable. I've grown them in our backyard and as fragrant and delicious as they are, they're probably the most impractical of produce items to offer in the average retail environment. I don't think supers would touch produce like this, let alone Farmer's Market-grade strawberries in general.

        Servorg and Jack Flash have offered you great sources, but unless you're heading to those FMs already, you might want to contact the growers just to see if they are offering these gems right now.

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          pudwill has a really small supply, unless you are already a long time customer strawberries will be hard to get. They are going to ramp up next year from what I understand. All their berries are great though, including currants, golden raspberries, the sweet blackberries....

          1. re: AAQjr

            That's what I thought. As soon as they're picked, the stopwatch starts, and by the end of the day, they can already start going south. I noticed in the photo of Servorg's link that they keep the stems on - this may give added shelf life if I had to guess.