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Jun 30, 2011 11:52 AM

Looking for Best Pre-Theatre in London

Attending Jersey Boys at Prince Edward Theatre on a Thursday night. Money is not an issue..and location is not a big deal as we will have car and driver, but don't want to be too far away. Looking for great food, relatively formal spot with an upscale pre-theatre clientele. Help!

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  1. Arbutus or Les Deux Salons both do very good pre-theatre menus, and are in my opinion, both excellent.

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      I'll second Les Deux Salons - good food (had the best dessert there - Paris Brest- that I'd had in ages) and nice atmosphere. I'm not sure you're going to find the most upscale of clientele there, although we were certainly in that category. For that crowd perhaps you ought to think of the most expensive places in London that aren't too far from the theatre. It's a sort of strange request considering the show. :-)

    2. Thanks for that...Les Deux Salons looks nice. More of a bistro menu than a brasserie menu, but that works! This actually is for my clients and you made me chuckle when you made the comment that it was a strange request given the show! We've developed a 20-day VIP golf travel program for them in Scotland and Ireland. Trust me - VERY high end! They just like musicals!

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        I'm from the States, too, but have lived near London quite awhile now. I admit to having a strange, nostalgic attachment to the Jersey Boys. I'm in a devilish mood today. It's been playing here for years now.

        There's also the Ivy... a bit like some of the hangouts on Manhattan's 46th St. Your clients could even run into a celebrity. Problem is it takes years of living here to know who the celebrities are! I haven't gotten to J. Sheekey but it's a popular and highly thought of restaurant with great praise for their fish dishes.

      2. In researching Les Deux Salons, I came across a restaurant I dined at 20 years ago (I'm from the States). J Sheekey. I loved it then and it still seems to be quite popular. These folks won't care about the trendiest, new restaurant concept. Any comment on the quality of the experience at J. Sheekey?

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          I love J. Sheekey. The dover sole preparation is divine. I also like the look of the place and the buzzy atmosphere.

        2. Terroirs. It has suprisingly good food and a good pre-theatre atmosphere with the added bonus of being a specialit in natural and artisanal wines and spirits so it makes for an intersting experience. I've been to Les Deux Salons a couple of times and I would say that the food at Terroirs is superior (and something a bit different)

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            I went to see Jersey Boys yesterday - it was awesome! We ate at Dishoom beforehand, it's a Bombay style cafe. Lot's of small plates, very tasty, quite cheap and they also dealt really well with my mum, who's a coeliac and can't eat anything with gluten in.