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Jun 30, 2011 10:34 AM

Which restaurant did you visit most frequently in the past 12 months in France?

This question is quite different from your favorites or the bests, expensive or cheap, fancy or not, and even quality of service. I don't visit France often enough to answer this question, yet would love to know, especially with some additional information as to why...

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  1. Chez L'Ami Jean
    Dans Les Landes
    Da Carmine
    Le Quincy
    Les Délices de Shandong
    Carnet de route
    All the above are in Paris.

    My Cuisine in Beaune

    Why? We are not talking about once-a-year celebratory splurge dinners but places where we go often, in fact most often, right? In order for me to go back to the same place often, the restos have to be good and not too expensive. All the above are.

    1. Echoing Parigi's criteria but as someone not lucky enough to live here, we head for the following restaurants every visit:

      La Table d'Eugene
      Les Papilles

      Several times a year: Spring

      For small meals/pizza/Sundays:
      Le Machon d'Henri
      Le Pot de Lait

      Except for the latter category, these favorites do change over time. We look for places with food that we consider outstanding AND with soul evident in the kitchen.

      1. For me it's Bistrot du Paradou in Provence. The food is always delicious, the welcome warm, & the atmosphere charged. (Plus I always hope for another sighting of Charles Aznavour or Jean Reno.)

        1. As l am only in France 4-5 months a year,my answers may be skewed. Have been to L'Ami Louis, Chez L'Ami Jean, and Chez Souphie the most.