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Fun Seattle Wedding Favor Ideas?

Hello Seattle Chowhounds-

I am writing for some help with brainstorming Seattle foods that would be fun wedding favors. I'm having my wedding in Philly (where I'm from), but being that my fiance and I have been living in Seattle for the past 2 years, it would be fun to include something special from Seattle in the celebration. Thoughts I have include Chukar Cherries (they do cute favor boxes) and/or Theo chocolate bars. I'm also toying with the idea of making mini favor baskets and buying some foods in bulk (including Fran's salted caramels, which I love but as a wedding favor carry a price tag that's too high for me). Total I'm looking to spend <$10pp.

Any other suggestions or ideas are appreciated!

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  1. I'd definitely do something with Theo chocolate. The chocolate/love love/marriage link in good, and they are definitely a delicious and very local product. Both their bars and their individual chocolates are worth a look. Their hot chocolate is pretty fine, too.

    1. I think Theo's is a great idea. I love the idea of mini baskets with salted caramels, but frankly, you probably don't need an extra wedding related chore, especially one that most people are going to forget about 2 seconds after they eat it.

        1. I was thinking Almond Roca, too. Another local classic are Aplet's and Coplet's, but people seem to love 'em or hate 'em.

          Since Seattle is such a coffee town, what about a small package of Starbuck's beans to go with some local candy?

          1. Mama Lil's Peppers, Boat Street pickles, and Tom Douglas's Rub with Love products are some items that are less well known outside the area (plenty of Starbucks in Philly). I am a fan of Theo's though - and it would be easy to sleeve a chocolate bar or two with a personalized message.

            Boat Street Cafe
            909 NE Boat St, Seattle, WA

            1. How about a bag of Beecher's crackers and a cheese spreader or a bag of crackers w/a 5$ gift card. There's now a shop in NYC (Flatiron) or folks can buy online. When I visit SEA, that's what I love...A bag of Beechers! ...Really... :)

              1. i had two receptions. for the one in seattle i did jonboy caramels and they were a hit. for the second reception in the bay area we did the large theo chocolate bars. i like the idea of chukar cherries and tom douglas "rub with love." seattle also has jones sodas and tim cascade chips.

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                  My daughter has only lived in Seattle for five months and is getting married in February in Seattle. She asked me to work on the favors and since everyone is traveling from midwest I thought of tulip bulbs. Is that possible to hand out on Feb. 18th and if it is where would I buy them? I also was thinking of coffee chocolates. If you have any suggestions please give them to me and where I might be able to buy them in Seattle. Thanks for your help.

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                    Wow, tulip bulbs in February would be tough. The bulbs will have been in the ground since fall because they're getting ready to bloom in March/April/May. The bulbs are generally sold in the fall.

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                    Jonboy caramels are really really good. I'd love getting them as a favor!

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                      Can I pick them up somewhere in west seattle?

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                        I know they have them at Whole Foods, and it looks like they sell at the West Seattle Farmer's Market (not sure if it's closed for the winter, though).


                  3. Thanks for all the suggestions! We have awhile to come up with something so I'm going to let things marinate for a bit. We're actually coming back around to Fran's salted caramels as they are my favorite and I always bring them when I visit my family since they love them too. I think if we did coffee beans we'd probably do Cafe Vita as that is my fiance's favorite.

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                      My wedding favors were Fran's with a trio of salted caramels. I couldn't mix it with a different chocolate because I wanted to use the caramel trio box. It was really pretty and classy with the ribbon. You can ask them for other ribbon colors if they don't have the ones that you're looking for at the time. I had ordered mine about a month in advance and they had it ready for pickup with cold packs to help keep them fresh.

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                        Speaking of Frans - consider the chocolate stuffed figs. They are really tasty and beautiful, but are seasonal.

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                          where do you get the Fran's choclate stuffed figs or the salted caramels? Is there any place clsoe to West Seattle?

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                            There's a Frans store in the Four Seasons downtown for the figs and a great selection. You can get the salted caramels anywhere - grocery stores, Made in Washington stores, etc.

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                              Sandy, if you are needing a quantity, as I would expect for wedding favors, I would not rely on retail, but call Fran's directly and place an order. They may give you a quantity discount, or see if someone close to the wedding party has a business liscense so you can buy wholesale from them.

                              Here is their "contact us" website link; https://www.franschocolates.com/store...

                        2. Update: We ended up going with Fran's salted caramels for our favors. Service was excellent- Fran's shipped 82 boxes cross country to Philadelphia in late May and they arrived 2 days before the wedding, intact! We did not get any sort of discount- we briefly looked into ordering the caramels in bulk and getting our own boxes, but in the end the cost difference wasn't worth the time and effort that would have been involved. Although expensive, we enjoyed being able to share something we love so much with all of our guests.
                          We also put Tim's Chips and Erin's Popcorn in the welcome bags for out of town guests (along with some Tastykakes). Those went over very well- one of the groomsmen from Texas ended up ordering a case of chips for himself after the wedding!

                          Thanks everyone for the suggestions!