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Jun 30, 2011 09:55 AM

Avoid at all costs...

Am completely annoyed with this place. £9.15 for a burger and they pre-cook them and refuse to make them to order (claiming it is against health and safety. ridiculous) They are also completely incapable of serving a table at the same time. It isn't cheap and isn't good... and unapologetic about how bad it is.

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  1. Pray, what place are you talking about?!?

      1. The entire UK, or just Ireland, or what place are you talking about?

        1. heh

          £9.15 is pretty reasonable for a burger, although not for a pre-cooked one I admit

          so where should we avoid again?

          1. sorry- I had put it in the title originally... Enterprise in Holborn.

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            1. re: expatlondon

              What kind of place is it? A pub or restaurant burger for £9 is pretty reasonable. A fast food joint, not so much. A little bit of context please?!

              1. re: pj26

                It's a pub, and I have no problem paying 8-10 for a pub burger but not a frozen patty or one that isn't cooked to my preference... Don't think that is too much to ask.

                1. re: expatlondon

                  We removed a number of posts debating the safety of undercooked burgers and hamburger meat in general that weren't specific to this particular place. That's a subject better discussed on General Topics, rather than dragging threads focused on local chow off onto those safety tangents, which tend to get long and not very friendly.