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Avoid at all costs...

Am completely annoyed with this place. £9.15 for a burger and they pre-cook them and refuse to make them to order (claiming it is against health and safety. ridiculous) They are also completely incapable of serving a table at the same time. It isn't cheap and isn't good... and unapologetic about how bad it is.

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  1. Pray, what place are you talking about?!?

      1. The entire UK, or just Ireland, or what place are you talking about?

        1. heh

          £9.15 is pretty reasonable for a burger, although not for a pre-cooked one I admit

          so where should we avoid again?

          1. sorry- I had put it in the title originally... Enterprise in Holborn.

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              What kind of place is it? A pub or restaurant burger for £9 is pretty reasonable. A fast food joint, not so much. A little bit of context please?!

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                It's a pub, and I have no problem paying 8-10 for a pub burger but not a frozen patty or one that isn't cooked to my preference... Don't think that is too much to ask.

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                  We removed a number of posts debating the safety of undercooked burgers and hamburger meat in general that weren't specific to this particular place. That's a subject better discussed on General Topics, rather than dragging threads focused on local chow off onto those safety tangents, which tend to get long and not very friendly.

            2. Almost certainly bought in as frozen pre-cooked products all ready for the microwave. Not at all uncommon in the pub trade.

              1. Per the subject of the post, I dont think many people here are surprised that you got a mediocre burger at a random pub - the Enterprise not having any sort of renown that I know of.

                The shame is that pretty much across the road was the Bountiful Cow, which does serve an interesting burger.