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Azzaro Brothers Pizza and Tomato Pies - Coming to East Windsor

They are taking the place recently vacated by Singas Pizza. Any reviews, good or bad, about their pizza? Their original location is in Trenton. I know, how unusual to have a tomato pie place in Trenton!

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  1. I stopped in to pick up a menu today. Didn't buy any pizza because had to get the kids food home pronto, but the place smelled great, like a pizzeria should (but most have no "pizzeria" smell). The menu is limited to pizza, sandwiches, and salads, no chicken, veal-type dishes. I will be grabbing a pie soon. I have a strong feeling I will like it a lot.

    1. Not just any location in Trenton, but Papa’s, the second oldest “Pizzeria” in the country and in the opinion of many, the best in the country. Abie Azzaro ran Papa’s for years.

      A relative, I believe his brother, Mike Azzaro had a place on S. Broad St. near Holy Angels church and his son now owns a place in Allentown, NJ. It might be he who opened the place in East Windsor.

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        Tom, I stopped in today to try a slice. Very good pizza, nice pizzeria, the guy (I think someone called him Mike) was very nice. They were somewhat busy, people getting slices, sandwiches, and kept hearing people say "wow, this smells (or looks) really good". I think they are going to do well, especially right next to Shoprite. The place just smells authentic!

      2. Been to Azzaro 3 times in the past 2 weeks, had margherita( excellent) and tomatoe pies(very good), best crust I ever had. Tomatoe pie was just below delorenzo's, either of them.
        Finally a pizza parlor in Monroe, next to Shoprite on rt 130. Family was the pizza maker at Papas for 12 years.
        A must do

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          With the "Papas" pedigree they can't go wrong........ I have business nearby next week I will definitely check it out...enjoy !

          i also read that the Azzaro family havev a few pizzerias with a location in Toms River rt 37 also.


          "Owner Mike Azzaro comes from a generation of family owned pizza establishments. The new restaurant, operated by the Azzaro family of Azzaro Brothers Tomato Pies of South Broad Street in Trenton, est. 1959, also has locations in Toms River and Allentown, NJ. Owner Mike Azzaro, born and raised in Trenton, where he learned how to cook at local Italian restaurants and pizzerias, and inherited his Father’s nickname, “Tomato Pie Mike.”

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            UPDATE: Today we ate lunch at the new small Toms River location & I was very impressed....friendly service & info on delivery and dishes...
            I ordered the Jayden's Special Panini - Prosciutto, fresh mozzarella cheese, arugula and roasted red peppers. it was delicious, crispy toasted all fresh ingredients and on the side it comes with a pasta bow tie Pesto Parmesan salad...the wife enjoyed her Pesto Panini- Chicken Cutlet with Fresh Mozzarella, Roasted Peppers and Mayo......we both look forward to trying the dinner selections also at reasonable prices, nice neighborhood joint!.........I'll surly try the Rt 130 East Windsor location also soon.


            452 Route 37 E, Toms River, NJ 08753

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              Tapas, do you know where the one in Allentown is? East Windsor was great last night!

          2. I stopped by Sunday afternoon based on the reviews here.

            Not impressed. Disappointed. Won't be going back again.

            Cranbury Pizza still my favorite.

            Cranbury Pizza
            63 N Main St Ste 2, Cranbury, NJ 08512

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              ieee488 your talking about the E. Windsor location, or? btw what did you order?

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                Yes, the E. Windsor location next to ShopRite.

                I ordered a slice of cheese and a slice of onions+green peppers.

                The crust was a bit too overdone for my taste.

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                  ieee488 thanx for the reply I found the same experience at the TR location wasnt impressed with the pizza there...........I'll stick to my favorite in Trenton Papa's Tomato Pies!

                  Papa's Tomato Pies
                  804 Chambers St, Trenton, NJ 08611

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                    you can't order a slice of pie, go and order a personal pie for 5.50, "order a tomato pie",
                    slices can sit for hours sometimes, order fresh.

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                  Love Cranburys brick oven pizza!

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                    I was just there again yesterday. Love them!

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                    Last week, after a round of golf in nearby Millstone, I decided to try Cranbury Pizza based on this thread.....I had also considered going to Azzaro Brothers as my firtst choice, but the address would not take in my GPS unit, so I went to Cranbury Pizza instead. I would have liked to have gone to Papa's, but I did not want to take the extra couple of hours to drive to Trenton, and then home to Northern New Jersey.

                    I found the Margherita Pizza to very good, but their regular round pizza crust to be very limp We also shared a large Meatball Parmigiano hero that was enjoyable..four meatballs with good bread and tasty red sauce.. All thing considered, it was a nice neighborhood place, but I did not find it to a destination spot i would go back to...While the staff very pleasant, there were two things I did not like about the place. First, was the older couple behind the counter who I presumed were the owners. At 6:00 PM and during the height of chaotic service on Friday evening, both chose to eat pizza and serve customers at the same time.....not very pleasant to see talking to customers and handling food & money with their mouths full. Second, since they did a very nice take-out business, the large number of people waiting for their orders wait inside the restaurant/pizzeria are like sardines in the can...or in other words, lots of butts in your face at the table.

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                      Thanks for the update on Cranbury Pizza. Round of golf in Millstone, must be Charleston Springs. My favorite courses. Now I understand your name :)

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                        Yes to Charleston Springs...North Course. I'm partial to the original 18. I do fee the south is a stronger test though.. For the record, my best score (65) is seven under. The inspiration for my moniker is explained in the following thread...


                  3. I've lived in East Windsor for nearly 20 years now and have tried pizza from every pizza place that has ever been in business in the area. Yesterday, me and my friend stopped in Azzaro's and tried a slice each of their Brooklyn style pie and their deep dish pie and I have to say it's the best pizza I've ever had! I will definitely be going back there frequently :) I also like Sabrina's that's nearby. Right now, those are the two best pizza places in town.

                    1. I wanted to share with everyone that after reading these reviews, I went yesterday for a tomato pie!! My husband and I were both so happy with it! Nice and garlicky and the sauce was very tasty!! I liked the thin crust as well. All for $ 11.95!

                      The place was nice and clean inside, which always is a MUST for me. Some pizza places are filthy! Yuck...I won't go in.

                      So thank you for this post and I am so happy we found a new place! :)

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                        glad some people are picking up on Azzaro pizza, next to shoprite. Oh, by the way, Pappa of Pappas pizza(trenton) I believe is Mike Azzaros father. Their tomato pie is the best. The kid that made our pie is off on Mondays,fyi.

                      2. I wrote a review of Singa's awhile ago. They were horrible. We don't need another Italian restaurant or Chinese restaurant in the area. We need something unique or different.

                        Azzaro Brothers seems to have taken the same Singa's recipes. Pizza wasn't very good and is average for the area.

                        What really got me is that I ordered a cheese steak and asked if he could make it on garlic bread. They don't have garlic bread. Really? You do have garlic for use in other dishes or pizza.. you can't make garlic bread? The cheese steak was dry and unflavorful.

                        I'll never go there again. Instead of opening another Italian place or Chinese place, why not do something we do not have in our area.. there's no hot dog joints in the area. What about someone opening a White Castle? I wanted to start a website to raise money for one to open here. I'd use the money to take demographics of the area and study traffic of how many cars drive by. I think our area is busy enough to warrant one instead of me driving 45 minutes away.

                        1. I can't believe how good some people think this pizza is. It's certainly not the best in the area. Papa John's isn't good (or what I'd consider real pizza) but I'd rather go there than Azzaro. I'd rather drive to Trenton for some DeLorenzo's on Route 33.. either that or I'd rather drive to Toms River to the Pizza Shop (is that the name?) across from Home Depot.