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Jun 30, 2011 09:24 AM

Recs near Grove of Anaheim?

Hi everyone,

We're going to a show at the Grove of Anaheim and are looking for local recs for pre-show dinner. Not too familiar with the area, but looking for something tasty which is relatively close to the theater. Price not a concern, no Indian food, no alcohol, not too spicy - other than that, anything goes! Save us from fast food!

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  1. You could go to The Catch is right next to the Grove, a 100 yards or so. Here is the website

    1. About 2-3 east of the Grove, on Katella, is Scottie's Smokehouse.

      They used to be on Collins but moved to a bigger location. I haven't been to their new location yet, but they serve up very good BBQ. Brisket and pulled pork are very good.

      Yes, the Catch is literally right in front of the Grove, so if you want bad service and mediocre food, that's the place for you.