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Jun 30, 2011 08:36 AM

East Coast Road Trip

Hello! I posted this on the Mid-Atlantic board but was told that I should post in on all the boards of the places I will be traveling to, sooo here it goes:

My partner and I are planning a road trip up the east coast from Florida next month. We only have nine days to hit all the places we want to visit, so does anyone know of really awesome/delicious/worthwhile food joints or places to see not too far off the highway (probably I-95)? We will be moving from Florida to South Carolina to North Carolina to D.C. to New York to Rhode Island to Boston, then heading back down. Any recommendations or tips in these cities or on the way would really be appreciated! Thanks!

Edit - just saw posts with similar topics -_- don't know how to delete this! But recs for beautiful scenic spots on the way would be appreciated too!

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