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Jun 30, 2011 07:50 AM

Sardinia / Smeralda Coast / Gulf Orosei Recommendations?

Hi Everyone!

I will be visiting Sardinia in August and was wondering if any might have recommendations for either the Smeralda Coast region (staying near Porto Cervo) or Gulf Orosei (staying near Cala Gonone). Have searched the board for both of these regions specifically. Looking for delicious sardinian / broader italian food, in nice atmosphere. As Porto Cervo can be quite expensive, any suggestions for both a splurge and a more reasonably priced night out would be helpful.

Thanks in advance!!!!!

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  1. Hi,
    my best advices for very good food at reasonably price are La Bruschetta and L'Osteria del mare, both in Olbia, both specialized in fish. Not traditional (especially the second one), very well managed, high quality.

    Best regards

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      Sorry: La Bruschetta 0789.58463 Viale Aldo Moro (far from the city centre, very convenient if you are travelling to/from Olbia.
      L'Osteria del Mare 0789.25801, via Delle Terme 10 (downtown).