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Jun 30, 2011 01:44 AM

Sayonara, Tokyo Chowhounds!

I've mostly been a lurker, but just wanted to say goodbye and thank you to all for the tips and discussion! I've never been able to go to all the expensive places frequently mentioned, but have made use of the recommendations, especially for places that help with the expatty cravings!

I'm leaving Japan on Sunday and heading to Beijing for a week, then across the U.S. via Amtrak, car and plane from San Fransisco to New York, then down to Florida (the ol' home state), then moving to London with the boyfriend.

Everything's been so crazy I haven't had time to make bookings and properly food up my last few days here. Looks like tonight I'll do my favorite okonomiyaki in Shimokitazawa, tomorrow get the new 4-cheese Ivan Ramen for lunch, then a late dinner tomorrow night... maybe Higashiyama in Naka-Meguro or Agaru Sagaru Nishi-Iru Higashi-Iru if we can get in. Saturday lunch... dunno? Boyfriend mentioned Aquavit. Dinner will just be izakaya fare with friends -- as it should be!

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  1. That four-cheese ramen at Ivan Plus is quite unique and amazing.

    1. Best gastronomic itinerary I've seen in awhile on this board. Have a safe trip on your journey home.

      1. Higashiyama is one of my favourites! I love the place.