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Jun 29, 2011 09:58 PM

Did Americana kill the bagel?

An interesting piece from Time Magazine about the death of real bagels as epitomized by the recent folding of H&H in NYC.

Money quote from the article:


So the bagel became a test case of how you make something commercially viable at the cost of everything that makes it good. A supermarket bagel is basically just a round roll. It worked out fine, because Americans like to eat sandwiches, and a kind of bread that you can't split and make a sandwich out of is lucky to find any shelf space at all. (English muffins are the one exception, but even those now come in sandwich size.) People who hadn't ever encountered a real bagel enjoyed the appearance of something ethnic and exotic without any real difference in taste and texture, and this made the bagel more appealing still.


Read it all here :

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  1. Good article - thanks for posting. Free Enterprise and the Lowest Common Denominator. What a great country. I need to go to Montreal soon, even though those bagels are sweeter than I like - at least the texture and size is right.