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Jun 29, 2011 09:55 PM

ISO comfortable lobby bar

Ok, we have one more night in Seattle, tomorrow (Thursday) and want to see if we can find a lobby bar/lounge with confortable seating and great people-watching. We ended up tonight at our hotel (the Olive 8 Hyatt) after none of the other hotels in the area had lobby bars. (Restaurants in the hotels with bars, but not a true lobby bar.) Our hotel doesn't technically serve in the lobby, but we could get a drink in the bar and sit in the lobby to drink it. But anything like an old-school hotel lobby bar in the area?

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  1. The Fireside Room at the Sorrento leaps to mind. It doesn't get any more old-school than that.

    I also found this recent article on the subject which might help you find the sort of place you seek:

    Sorrento Hotel
    900 Madison St, Seattle, WA

    1. I think the Olympic still has a lobby bar and an easier location. Just outside the entrance to the Georgian Room.

      The best people watching bar in a hotel is probably at the Mayflower - Oliver's Lounge, with windows out to the street. They had an anniversary party last Thursday.

      The W has bar seating in the lobby - or used to. Went to a birthday party there years ago.

      The Fireside Room is comfortable, but kind of off the beaten path. Are you looking for hip or mellow?

      1. Oliver's at the Mayflower Hotel.

        1. The Polar Bar on the 2nd floor of the Artic Club on 3rd and Cherry in Pioneer Square might be what you're looking for (it self-identifies as an upscale lobby bar). The room is beautiful, great political people watching and the cocktails/happy hour fare are decent.

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            The Polar Bar is the first place that jumped to mind for me. It's a great room.

          2. The Westin Lobby Lounge would be a good one to try.