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Jun 29, 2011 07:25 PM

dog friendly restaurants in westchesrer

hi , anyone have any favorite dog friendly restaurants in westchster-thanks

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  1. Unless you have a service dog I think the county health department would frown upon that! Be curious to hear otherwise....

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      hi, thx for the rsvp, but that is not true, many allow dogs to sit with you, as you eat Outside-thx

    2. Your best bet are restaurants that have non-crowded outside seating and don't mind a well-behaved dog laying low at your table.

      The one place my family and I have always had a great experience is Amendola's Pizzeria in Hartsdale. They usually put out a couple of tables, never hassle us about our dog staying with us, and have even put out a bowl of water for him.

      1. Not a favorite but Maud's Tavern Hastings ( outside dining area ) is dog friendly. Extra points for the view of the Hudson.

        Maud's Tavern
        149 Southside Ave, Hastings On Hudson, NY 10706

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. Our dog is welcomed at Lefteris' outdoor seating in Tarrytown.