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Jun 29, 2011 07:05 PM


I finally got a new blender. I want to start making good smoothies. What do you put in yours?

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  1. I have at least one smoothie every day with my brunch. If I cannot sit and eat a meal with my smoothie, I will dump in a scoop of protien powder in any of the smoothies. Otherwise, I don't usually have the protien powder with it.

    Apricot Smoothie

    1 cup almond milk
    4 canned apricot halves (packed in juice)
    1 small orange
    1 banana

    Chocolate Peanutbutter Banana Smoothie

    1 banana
    1/4 cup vanilla yogurt
    1/2 cup low-fat chocolate almond milk
    2 tablespoons reduced-fat all-natural peanut butter

    Pear and yogurt smoothie

    1 1/2 cups plain nonfat or low-fat yogurt
    1  pear
    1 small sliced banana
    2 tablespoons protein powder
    3/4 cup almond milk (or reg milk or soy milk)

    Most of the time I never measure, I take my fruit, and slice it, and put it in my glass and then fill up the glass almost to the top with the blending liquid of my choice.   Usually some kind of almond milk or yogurt.   This way you dump the glass contents into the blender and you have the perfect amount, since yoi used the glass to measure.  Regular combos include:

    1 peach
    1 apple 
    1 carrot

    1 apple
    1 pear
    3 leaves of romaine lettuce

    1 apple
    1 orange
    1 carrot

    1/4 watermelon 
    1/4 honey dew
    1/4 cantaloupe (I like to blend this one with a little juice instead of a milk product)

    1 banana
    1 apple
    3 leaves of romaine
    Big tbs of almond butter
    Tbs flax seed

    1 banana
    Some frozen strawberries (or any other berry)

    1 banana
    Some frozen cherries 
    Nice blended with chocolate almond milk 

    Or if you have a good high speed blender / emulsifier like mine, you could do an all veggie v-8 style drinks or green smoothies:

    1 red pepper
    1 large ripe tomato
    4 oz white cabbage
    1 carrot
    1 celery stick 
    Scoop of ice

    Green apple
    1 pear
    1 cucumber
    1 stick celery
    3 leaves romaine
    Scoop of ice

    1 cup spinach
    1 small cucumber
    2 stalks of celery with leaves
    A quarter size piece of ginger root
    A handful of parsley
    1 apple
    Juice of 1 lime

      1. My go-to 30 second smoothie consists of (these are approximate quantities):
        1/3 cup juice (pomegranate is what I'm currently using, as they have it at Trader Joe's)
        1/2 cup nonfat plain yogurt (I've used Greek yogurt, Straus European style, and others - all of them work)
        1 tablespoon agave syrup or honey
        1/2 cup frozen berries (I like a mix of strawberries and blueberries)

        If I have any flaxseed around, I grind them up in my spice grinder and toss them in too. Blend it all up on high power for a good 30 seconds.

        1. my favorite smoothie, serves 2:

          - one bunch of greens (kale or baby spinach or romaine)
          - 6 dates
          - 1 cup nonfat greek yogurt
          - 1/2 of an avocado
          - 4 tbsp flaxseed meal
          - 1 banana
          - two servings of frozen berries
          - half a lemon or lime squeezed
          - enough water for a nice consistency

          makes a deliciously sweet and creamy smoothie that i feel good about drinking. i usually stuff as many greens in there as it can take. baby spinach comes out super smooth, romaine a little more texturey, kale took a little getting used to.

          1. My favorite is carrots, celery, apple and ginger. We all like cantalope and peach with a splash of orange or apple juice.