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Jun 29, 2011 04:22 PM

Current thoughts on Prince Edward County?

Taking a couple of days to hang in the County next week. Here's what I've got planned so far, I'd love updated reviews or other suggestions. I'm staying halfway between Wellington and Picton.

- Blumen
- East and Main

- Lake on the Mountain?
- Huff Estates?
- Portabella?

- ???

- Closson Chase
- Norman Hardie
- Keint-He

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  1. Haven't been for 2 years, but I was impressed by look of the baked goods at the Carriage House's bakery on Main St in Bloomfield. Didn't try any of their baked goods, so I don't know how they taste, but they certainly looked tempting. I'm hoping to try some of their baked goods next time I'm near Bloomfield.

    Also, there's a location of Cooke's Fine Foods in Picton (as well as a larger location in Kingston), which carries the Victoria Gourment Seasoning Blends that used to be carried at Dash Kitchen. I like the Moroccan blend.

    Carriage House
    260 Bloomfield Main, Bloomfield, ON K0K1G0, CA

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    1. re: prima

      The Marshmallow Room Bakery at Bloomfield Carriage House is expensive but the blackberry tart was delicious with a perfect crust. Gingerbread chocolate cookie was too crumbly and not as tasty.

      Lunch was terrific though tiny portions. $12 for small sandwich and soup/salad. Not enough to feed a hungry adult. Best quiche I've tasted in years!

      Carriage House
      260 Bloomfield Main, Bloomfield, ON K0K1G0, CA

    2. The original comment has been removed
      1. Never been.

        Let us know how it goes (especially re: the wineries) though.

        The wife and I are considering a trip there this summer.

        1. For Lunch I would do County Cider Company (Bongard's cross road and #8). Lake on the Mountain is over priced and uninspiring. I would stop for a drink on the patio if you really want to go.
          Breakfast you want to go either to the Harbor View in Picton (at the bottom of town hill). It is worth a wait, diner style pancakes and eggs. Also, Miss Lilly's in Picton has good coffee and croisants.
          East and Main - Make a reservation! Ask to sit in the window. It is all amazing.

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          1. re: k8supergrover

            Thank you! Reservation made for Monday, requested table in window.

            Now I have a problem -- it turns out that neither Blumen nor East and Main are open on Tuesdays. I'll probably make Blumen a lunch option for either Monday or Wednesday. So I now need a dinner option for Tuesday night.

            Any recs, anyone? Waring House Pub? Merrill Inn? Bloomfield Carriage House?

            Carriage House
            260 Bloomfield Main, Bloomfield, ON K0K1G0, CA

            Merrill Inn
            343 Picton Main St, Prince Edward, ON K0K 2T0, CA

            1. re: TorontoJo

              Waring house is good but crowded and can be noisy if they have music in (which they usually do. But if you like that kind of thing it's great!). If you are looking for a bit quieter they have the same menu but you can be seated in the dining room instead of the pub which is a bit nicer. The food is decent. but its more about the pub atmosphere if that is what you are looking for.
              Merrill in - some love, some (such as myself) have a less than inspiring experience. The food was ok, service was uneven, room was HOT (dress in layers or sit outside. its in a basement)
              Can't vouch for the carriage house.
              Have you looked at Currah's? Atmosphere not inspiring but food is good.
              Or you could do Lake on the Mountain for dinner....I would suggest the strawberry Salad if it is still on the menu (haven't been yet this year).

              Currah's Cafe & Restaurant
              252 Main Street, Unit 2, Picton, ON K0K, CA

              1. re: TorontoJo

                OK, Carriage House is also closed on Tuesdays. Sigh.

                Merrill looks more French than we want for this trip.

                Milford Bistro looks promising, but may be further from where we are staying than we want to drive for dinner (30 minutes).

                Milford Bistro
                3048 Country Rd, Picton, ON K0K, CA

                Carriage House Restaurant
                2101 Old Lakeshore Rd, Burlington, ON L7R1A4, CA

                1. re: TorontoJo

                  You could also do Schrodeters for some take out. It's a farm market with great home made soups and sandwhiches and lamb shanks to die for. Also great options for the Gluten Free crowd. Good fried egg sandwhiches for breakfast as well. Atmostphere is county quaint...

                  1. re: k8supergrover

                    k8 - can you give me any more info on Schrodeters? Googling doesn't turn up anything. Same thing for Harbour View in Picton -- googling only turns up a B&B by that name.

                    1. re: TorontoJo

                      Spelling it properly might help, sorry! It's Schroeder's market...They don't have a website I'm pretty sure. It is right by Huff Estates if they are on your wine tour. If you aren't going for a meal I highly suggest the donuts.

             for the harbour inn...Again, my apologies with not actually knowing the name of things! Scroll to the bottom of that page for a sample menu. They have lunch stuff on the menu so I guess you could go there but it's really better for breakfast. If the wait is less than 15 minutes, it's worth it.

                      1. re: k8supergrover

                        Thank you, that's great! We're actually staying at Huff Estates, so it's perfect.

                        1. re: TorontoJo

                          TorontoJo, have you also considered Angeline's in Bloomfield? Michael Potters is now the Chef de Cuisine at Angeline's. Thinking I might have to make a trek out to PEC later this summer.




                          Edit: Argh. Then I noticed, Angeline's is also only open for dinner Wed-Sun. How annoying. Hope PEC starts to get enough business that its restaurants can run weeklong during the 2 months of high season. Arowhon Pines in Algonquin Park can do it, and upscale seasonal restaurants in Stratford are open Tue-Sun. Not sure why PEC's restaurants haven't found a way serve fine dining to the midweek visitors.

                          Angeline's Restaurant and Inn
                          433 Bloomfield Main St, Bloomfield, ON K0K1G0, CA

                          1. re: prima

                            Looks lovely... but they're not open on Mondays or Tuesdays, which is when I'm going to be there. :(

                            But that review does not make it sound promising!

                            1. re: TorontoJo

                              Thank Buddha that Buddha Dog is open daily. Now you have me wondering whether Huff Estates vino or Waupoos Cider pairs better with Buddha Dogs....

                              1. re: prima

                                Cider, all the way Prima! Buddha Dog is great, but more of a snack if you ask me, those dogs are small and I feel weird ordering 3 hot dogs. Maybe just me.

                                1. re: k8supergrover

                                  I really enjoyed Buddha Dog but compared to other 'gourmet' hot dog joints (Hot Doug's in Chicago for example) it seems really expensive for what you get..

                                  Buddha Dog
                                  163 Roncesvalles Ave, Toronto, ON M6R2L3, CA

                            2. re: prima

                              I dined at Angeline's recently, and had a lovely meal. I loved the summer minestrone with pistou, as well as the county lamb with merguez sausage I ordered as my main. Interesting variety of local vegetables were served with each main. Also enjoyed the blueberry tart.

                              Would recommend to anyone seeking fine dining in PE County.

                              Angeline's Restaurant and Inn
                              433 Bloomfield Main St, Bloomfield, ON K0K1G0, CA

                              1. re: prima

                                Agree on Angeline's: almost-fine dining done right. The owner even brought us a complimentary plate of 6 raw oysters as it was Sunday night and they would be closed til Wednesday. I suspect they also threw in foie gras on our lamb mains for the same reason. Gorgeous appetizers -- scallops were perfectly cooked, and the snail-sweetbreads were heavenly. I like that the server brought samples of wine before choosing a Closson Chase sans chene wine by the glass.

                2. re: k8supergrover

                  k8 tell us more about your lunch at the County Cider company, please! Thinking of going there on a Saturday in August for lunch before visiting Fifth Town for a 3 pm pairing tasting.

                  Or do you know of any other good lunch spots nearby? How about Waupoos Winery -- how does it compare to the Cider company?

                  1. re: Food Tourist

                    Just went the other day again. Great view! service slightly spotty on busy weekends and there is a bit of a line to pay at the front (also, if you're paying by credit card and also buying cider, don't use the % tip function, since it takes a % of the total amount, not just your meal!). They offer free tastings of the cider (I like the peach!). I had the humus and olives app (lots of flat bread, I hate it when they stinge!) and then the pollo pizza for the main. Both were great!

                3. The Regent Cafe in Picton changed hands recently and they do a great, simple lunch - homemade pizza and sandwiches. And great baked goods and coffee. It's worth a shot - I think they are also open for breakfast.

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                  1. re: Arcadiaseeker

                    I went to Saylor's True Blue Cafe and I was very disappointed. The cutlery was dirty and the staff was rude. PEC is beautiful with some wonderful people and restaurants but go to Saylor's at your own peril. They also run a B&B and talking to someone who spent the night, they told me the sheets and pillow cases were dirty. Cash only place. Tells you something.