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Jun 29, 2011 04:02 PM

Florence Restaurants near Via Tornabuoni

1st night- Tres Merli- pizza, pastas- very good lasagna- gnocchi, risotto

2nd night- Buca Mario- coperto- 4 E pp- very good steaks, sald with steak also and veal chops- risotto also

3rd night- Quattro Leoni- we went here last time and several folks in florence recommended it- I was not as impressed this time- I could not read menu and waiter was not friendly about helping me out- I got rigatoni with marinara- 4 of us got fried veal scallopini and it was overcooked- Daughter tried tripe- she said it smelled bad - waiter told her not to get it-

Lunch- Cantinetti Antinori- VERY good but very $$ Tomato soup excellent- I ordered a grilled chicken salad-tiny portion for 24 Euros- seafood salad was good also

Paoli- very cute place- very good food- service great- Most of us ordered linguini with tomato sauce- a few got gnocchi and mom got Risotto

We planned to go to Trattorie Marione- but we got there late and table was taken- so we went back to Tres Merli- we were tired and most palces were full.

Buca Mario
Piazza degli Ottaviani, 16r, Florence, Tuscany 50125, IT

Via dei Tavolini, 12r, Florence, Tuscany , IT

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  1. Thanks so much for taking the time to report back, it's always so helpful for everyone!
    I love Paoli too, so glad you had a good meal there.
    Too bad about Quattro Leoni. I've heard that from some other people as well. It's a shame, since the location is so charming. Did you sit outside? In the same piazza is Tripperia Il Magazzino, which is fantastic (more of a Slowfood kind of place). Unfortunately they only have some uncomfortable tables outside, but the food is outstanding.
    The next time you go a good choice for Via Tornabuoni area is Obika. Spectacular space in the courtyard of Palazzo Tornabuoni, with very good food.

    Via dei Tavolini, 12r, Florence, Tuscany , IT

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      Obika looks wonderful minchelli and thanks for the tip. Your recs. are spot on and will add it to our list for Sept.