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Jun 29, 2011 03:54 PM

Rome restaurants near Piazza Barberini

We stayed around our hotel and had very good meals.

1st night was Trattorie Tritone- basic pastas- -so-so

2nd night-- Crispy 19- very good I had the SEa Bass, some had ravioli and the rocket sald was great- good servie also

3rd night- Tullio- lamb chops, whole fish- calf's brians for my adventurous daughter- great wine- not many Americans...

We also attended a wine tasting for lunch oen day at Rascioli which I highly recommend- breads and cheese with 4 different wines- in the basement near the wine cellar

We also had lunch near the Colosseum at L’ Insalata Ricca- several locations -very good salads...

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