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Jun 29, 2011 02:35 PM

Could I please get some suggestions for a cold appetizer for backyard BBQ?

Close friend's 50th birthay bash. He and his wife are quite accomplished in the kitchen and on the charcoal Weber out back. Last party at their house, he had a whole cooked pig delivered. I've been asked to supply something for the appetizer table. He does like spice, and has a coconut allergy. Otherwise, anything goes. I think cold selections are best. I can make anything, and have every kitchen gadget except for the Williams Sonoma jalapeno roasting tray. Cost is not a factor. Any and all help is appreciated. I thank you. Oh, I think about 25 adults.

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  1. An awesome cold seafood bar with a side of bbq'd oysters comes to mind immediately. Sidebar of sauces and do-it-yourselves.

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      Yes! If cost is not a consideration, cold seafood is the biz. Maybe some ceviche?

    2. Vege crudites on skewers with dipping sauces.
      Shrimp or crab stuffed cherry tomatoes.
      mini lobster rolls
      ahi or scallop ceviche

      1. Caprese salad. Simple, delicious.

        1. do you have any idea what they're serving for the main course & sides?

          1. What about a super-spicy shrimp salad and cucumber cups?

            If all else truly fails you, stuff cherry tomatoes with.. just about anything that sounds good.