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Jun 29, 2011 02:05 PM

Myrtle Beach best Restaurants

What are some of the best places to eat in MB ..seafood ,steak italian ect ..What places to stay away from !!!

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  1. I would first say don't eat anything but seafood. Secondly, don't eat in MB. Try Murrell's Inlet just south of MB and east of highway 17, or Callaway to the north on the coast at the SC/NC state line. Callaway is almost synomous with 'fried'. But when they fry, buddy they do it right! .

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      "Callaway"??? Also, you might want to check the dates on the posts you are replying to...

      1. re: carolinadawg

        OMG!!! You are entirely correct!!! Of course I meant 'Calabash'!!! As in Calabash, NC. I will mind my P's N Q's better in the future. Thank you!

        As for the dates: Yeah I knew, I just thought for future readers this might be helpful.

        Man, sometimes it just doesn't pay to be old!!!

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          And here I was thinking Conway and Calabash had finally merged.

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              It ain't funny to me! I'm still 'red-faced'! :-) :-)

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                Its all good. Blame it on your computers autocorrect feature!

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                  Don't be embarrassed! Do like dawg said and blame it on that autocorrect!

      2. Best: Sea Captains House and Toscana's Italian Grill, best burger: River City Cafe.

        Worst: any fried "seafood" buffet that you pay $25.00 a plate for.

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          Carolina Fish Fry is great. Fresh seafood at fast food prices. Also the Greg Norman Grille is pretty darn good as well. Crossaints is a great place for brunch and dinner too.