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Jun 29, 2011 12:57 PM

Private Chef Looking for Grocery Stores Around Bay Head, NJ

Hi, I'm a private chef from Los Angeles, CA and I'll be staying in Bay Head, NJ for the month of July working for my boss. I've never traveled to the East Coast, let alone to New Jersey and I'm having a heck of a time trying to find grocery stores and markets online that are in the area of Bay Head. I've been trying to do my best to match up stores online with nearby cities on Google Maps but I know I must be overlooking some good places. As well, my general understanding of beach cities anywhere is that there are generally very few options when it comes to grocers located close by. So the short version of my long-winded question is where are the good markets (mom and pop, chain, ethnic, anything) in and around Bay Head, NJ? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Joe Leone in Point Pleasant Beach is very good for Italian. Enjoy your stay.

    Joe Leone's
    400 Richmond Ave, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ 08742

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      Thanks! Looks great from the website. I will definitely check it out when I get to New Jersey.

    2. Shore Restaurant Supply
      2045 Rt. 88, Brick, NJ 08723
      (732) 295-9545   (888) 746-7341   ‎

      Shore Restaurant & Party Supply, located on Rte. 88, carries a huge inventory of party supplies, equipment, rentals and groceries for use by restaurants or other party venues. It also specializes in janitors' equipment and supplies as well as commercial refrigeration equipment.

      Hours: Mon - Fri, 6am - 5pm; Sat, 6am - 4pm; Sun, closed

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        Thanks so much! Reading the reviews and information on what they carry right now. This place sounds great!

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          Many of the local Chefs & Restaurants do their shopping there ..they have quite an assortment it's a Big store.

      2. Bay Head is a pretty cool little beach town still retaining some of its original charm. The most interesting culinary attraction within is Mueller’s Bakery on Bridge Avenue ( Basically across the street from it is a small cheese shop, the name of which escapes me. Finally, in town, there is Central Market. It is an odd place, but it sells a variety of the basics - milk, cheese, newspapers, cold cuts, etc., in addition to booze, and most importantly, it’s close.

        One town north of Bay Head is Point Pleasant. As noted, Joe Leone’s is located there. It is the kind of place where North Jersey transplants go to order “gabbaghoul,” “proshooot,” and “morTAdell.” Nevertheless, the cured meats, Italian breads, pasta, oils, etc. available are better than anything else close by. I find their prepared foods mediocre, but I suppose those are not what you’re looking for anyway.

        Also in Point is the Point Lobster Company. This is the best monger in the area. In addition to a fantastic lobster selection, you will find line-caught sword, scallops, soft shell crabs, and fluke, all from local waters. To my food dork mind, this place should be fascinating to someone new to fresh East Coast seafood.

        Point Pleasant has a small Mexican grocery on Richmond Ave. and a Polish deli on Arnold Ave. (Melito). There is also a Foodtown supermarket on Richmond, but it is quite piddly.

        If you are looking to find a place to sort of “provision up” for the month, a trip off island is probably required. Not far north on Highway 34 and Lakewood Road in Wall Township (maybe 5 miles or so), there is a large Shop Rite supermarket. It is one of the better large chain markets in the area and should provide you with most anything you’d need to set up the kitchen/pantry. In the same mall is the Wine King which carries a decent selection of better quality wine, beer, and spirits than you will find at Central Market.

        Sadly, the only real butcher is located several miles southwest and off-island in Toms River. The place is called D. A. Barsch and is exceptionally good. Prime beef, housemade sausages, liverwurst, etc. It’s worth the hour or so round trip, if only to revel in the meaty goodness.

        There are local Farmers’ Markets as well. Based on last summer, Point Pleasant holds its on Saturdays. Around three or four miles south of Bay Head, Seaside hosts an outdoor market on Mondays. Two towns north of Point is Manasquan which does so on Thursdays.

        Hopefully, this helps. Enjoy your stay. The water has been quite clean and is about to hit the 70 degree mark! Should you have follow up questions, feel free to add them here.

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          Also worth a mention is the Crab Shack on Mantoloking Road in Brick. It's basically one town south and across a bridge. It's the spot for hard and soft shell blue crabs. I'll vouch for their clams as well.

          And, please note, the Point Pleasant Farmers' Market is on Sundays, not Saturdays. The Point and Seaside Markets are a bit larger than the one in Manasquan.

          Oh, yeah, one last thing, the water was over 70 this morning, though flat.

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            All great suggestions...actually, as someone who lives in the area (Mantoloking), I'd love to hear any other thoughts on high-quality butchers in the general area. I guess I'd define general area as up-and-down Rt 35 from Ortley to Spring Lake and inland (Brick, Wall, etc). Finding great non-seafood proteins for grilling has been the toughest part of my summers and i usually end up bring stuff w/ me from NYC.

            Will have to try DA Barsch this holiday weekend. Also, I'm a loyal fan of the Crab Shack.

            1. re: nycmanto

              Tom Bailey's Market in Spring Lake will have dry aged, prime beef available by this weekend and throughout the summer. They carry prime cuts all year, in addition to Niman Ranch pork.

            2. re: MGZ

              Woah! This is all way more information than I was expecting to receive. Thank you so much! I had seen a few of these places in my online search but wasn't too sure about them but you've definitely provided the information I needed to sway me to go check them out. I'll be arriving tomorrow evening, just in time for the big holiday grocery rush so that should be interesting. Probably going to try to stock up for the weekend and then hopefully have some time to drive around and check out some of the smaller stores by mid-week. Although some soft shell crabs sound delicious right about now so I may have to go make a special run for those. Anyhow, thank you once again for everything.

              1. re: jtafoya0321

                You're welcome. It is this type of exchange that brought me to the site, after all. The 'hound in me is compelled to help (just don't tell any of the guys I grew up with that I'm kind to tourists).

                One thing to note about softies. There is a tie between the molt and the moon. Thus, there should be more of them around close to when it's full on the 15th. If you have access to a bayside dock and a net, look for them floating near the surface mid-month. All you have to do is scoop 'em and clean 'em.

          2. I have spent a lot of time in the summer in that area. For major shopping that is local, I would suggest going to Brick which is over the Mantaloking bridge. You will find many supermarkets, bakeries and Costco there. Also, lots of liquor stores but poor wine selections. Otherwise, I agree with everything MGZ said.

            1. OK, since the locals have answered your question, I'm going to add two things that you DIDN'T ask about!
              First, if your boss is a New Jersey native, familiarize yourself with Taylor Pork Roll.
              It really isn't found much outside of New Jersey, but you should be able tyo find it at any local deli or supermarket there. While certainly NOT haute cuisine, the breakfast sandwich is awfully good. Your boss just might enjoy the bit of nostalgia!
              Second, MGZ mentioned it, but PLEASE do not leave Bay Head without trying Mueller's Bakery! The place was well established when my grandparents patronized it some 50 years ago. Little has changed in the way they make their pastries since. The place will be insane this holiday weekend, but mid-week get up early, wait in line, and get yourself some breakfast pastries. Be sure to get a crumb bun. The Danish pastries (in particular the apricot DAINTY) are also extremely good. Can't go wrong with the almond horn, or...well, you get the idea! Have them with a fresh cup of coffee (yours, not their's), and I guarantee you'll believe you've died and gone to heaven!

              Mueller's Bakery
              80 Bridge Ave, Bay Head, NJ

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                I had definitely never heard of Taylor Pork Roll but it sounds like something that's right up my boss' alley so she'll probably love that. I'll definitely check out Mueller's Bakery too. You make it sound way too good to pass up. Thanks for the reply!

                Mueller's Bakery
                80 Bridge Ave, Bay Head, NJ