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Jun 29, 2011 12:38 PM

Jelly (o) shots forth of July

I am wanting to make Jelly shots for the fourth Not using Jello but Knoxx (no artifical flavors etc) Was aiming for margaritas since they were discussed @ new years (made choc mint, shots) I have local rhubarb and strawbs but could give in and get lemons and limes anyone made these or have suggestions? I have looked online and not found anything without JELLO brand but some pretty cool stuff mostly using dairy (like my new year's ones...)

Thanks in advance!

I am in Portland OR to give you an Idea of what is in season (no cherries yet etc...)

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    1. You can make a gelatin mold or shots out of just about any mixture of booze and mixer. Follow the directions for juice gelatin on the Knox container, substituting booze, juice, fruit puree, store-bought mixers, or whatever else for the juice it calls for. I've made a prosecco gelatin mold, gelled gin and tonic, bourbon and lemonade gelatin with fresh strawberry puree, etc. It's extremely simple and very delicious. I think a margarita one would be terrific!

      1. For the record, I've never felt a need to use flavored Jello for my Jello shots. I try to replicate traditional cocktails with unsweetened, unflavored gel. Anything from screwdrivers and sea breezes to bloody marys, mojitos and margaritas (and beyond). Generally a 3:1 of non-alcohol to alcohol. Heat half the total volume (if the package says "dissolve in 16ozs", then use 8oz) and whisk in the gel until dissolved, then add the remaining alcohol/mixer, stir and pour into plastic cups.

        Half the fun is garnishing, teeny wedges of lime for margaritas/mojitos, sliver of celery and pickle for bloody marys, etc.

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          Just for fun, skip the plastic cups. Hollow out lime rinds and pour into those. Once set, cut them into wedges. Much easier, prettier, and citrusy.

        2. Thanks!
          thats what I needed specific ratios (use 8 oz not 16 etc...) Thanks!
          Although if anyone has specific tried and true Knox jelly shot margarita recipes (using real fruit-strawberries, rhubarb or lemons/limes) please feel free to post -I will give you credit!

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            Just to clarify -- you do need the full amount of liquid called for on the package. You only *heat* half the liquid.