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Jun 29, 2011 12:38 PM

High end butcher


Im looking for a high end butcher. Today, in the Gobe and Mail, they had a recipe (video clip) for pulled pork, and the cook, was from a butcher shop in Toronto called, Cumbrae's. ( and Now, first of all, I liked the cook, as he was using a Big Green Egg to cook the pork should "Low n' slow", I own one myself, and he got some instant street cred from me. Second, googled Cumbrae's, and the reviews I saw on Yelp were all 5/5. Id like to find a similar type of butcher, and buy a fancy steak or some other meat to cook up on my Big Green Egg.

I live out in NDG, and am more than willing to travel. Also, I tend to try new cooks that Ill find online (nothing too fancy, basic bbq stuff) so Id also like a knowledgeable butcher who can sell me the right cuts. I tried to make beef bbq ribs a while back, and the butcher I went to in Lasalle, didnt really know what I was looking for, and tried to sell me short ribs. I ended up buying this huge hunk of meat that had fat that was think as inches, really gross.

I havent been to Maitre Boucher on Monkland, is this worth checking out? Been to Boucherie Westmount on sherbrooke, and he wasnt bad either. Is the Atwater or Jean Talon market my best bet?


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  1. I go to Claude et Henri in the Atwater Market, but others swear by Tours, also at Atwater. There is also a French boucher in the Fruiterie 440 facility on Taschereau if you want to brave the South Shore. This is also a question of meat provenance and whether the butchers understand your needs and wants (e.g. the C&H team know that I like buying prime rib and pork belly by linear measure).

    Certain that others may want to chime in.

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      I second claude et henri, as well as adelard belanger both at atwater market, great meat, service and advice all the times from both places

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        I lived in NDG for 11 years before moving to Saint-Laurent and le Maître Boucher is a place I miss a lot. I bought most of my meat there, lamb leg, bavette, etc. But I never tried their steaks per se. When in need of a good rib steak, Boucherie de Paris in CDN was my place of choice. I also just discoverd le Marchand du Bourg on Beaubien/Papineau who specializes in dry-aged rib steaks (40 days). I just had the regular rib steak (which was really good, grilled on a Weber kettle.) since you have to order about two months in advance for the dry-aged.

        I hope this helps.

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          Was gonna post Le Marchand du Bourg too, haven't been able to try yet, only time I wanted to go it was closed (didn't look at the open hours correctly, duh!).

          You can find an article on it here :

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            And while I'm here, I'll agree on Boucherie de Paris. I remember buying some pretty good steak there when I lived in CDN. I've also had some pretty good ones from La Boucherie du Marché at JTM, and I've seen the last time I was there they also offer dry aged rib steak now (around 40$/kg if I remember correctly).

            1. re: NickinMtl

              Ferme St. Vincent at JTM or Atwater.

      2. My vote goes to Boucherie Westmount and his 1855 Beef (Rib and Strip) from Alberta. Aged and marbled.. a rare treat. He can also order you some very tasty Pork Belly. If you want to really travel for Pork products Ferme Gaspor in St Sophie is the place.

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          I second Boucherie Westmount. The 1855 is really very very good and reasonably priced compared to the supposed AAA you get from a chain supermarket and even some butchers.Tony the owner is a super nice guy.

          1. re: nextguy

            I second your second (or is that a third?), melt in your mouth tenderloin, great tasting rib steaks and much more. Super nice people too.

        2. Hi,
          Go to the Atwater market. There is a butcher upstairs 2 or 3 on your right hand side and you can probably buy one there. We smoke one in the smoke it was fabulous. Enjoy.

          1. Maitre boucher is great - and definitely high-end. You can get what you need, as well as fine lamb, foie gras, bavette's always in stock, ...

            If you're looking for specific things to barbecue, you can give Tranzo a try. (On Somerled corner Cavendish). Go mid-week, and if they don't have what you're looking for they'll order it. (i.e. bone-in brisket, whole pork shoulder, etc.)

            Nice thing with Tranzo is you're dealing with the owners, who are extremely knowledgable, not just some employee they hired last month.