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Jun 29, 2011 11:07 AM

What to do with garlic scapes?

Only thing i know how to do is to roast with olive oil, salt, and pepper...any other other ideas?

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  1. This year, I'm trying this. I don't have enough scapes for the complete recipe, so I'll just wing it.

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      +1 on the pesto. I made mine with toasted hazelnuts. It was yummy, but would have been better with sharp cheddar instead of the parm. Very good on grilled chicken.

      One thing I've learned scapes are not good for is to replace the garlic in any long-cooked thing. I put them in a polenta soup last week and ended up having to add garlic. Scapes lose their flavor when cooked for a while. They are best roasted or raw.

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        I make a very basic pesto (just scapes, olive oil and salt...maybe a bit of water to thin) and don't rinse the blender. Then, I make white rice, but use the water rinsed from the pesto blender and a good scoop of the scape pesto (maybe 1/2 c.: 2c. water : 1 c. rice) for delish scape rice. This goes really well with grilled pork or beef. Any leftover pesto freezes well too.

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          Along the same lines (simple puree of garlic scapes and green garlic), someone recently sent me this very tasty-looking recipe:

    2. My friend's mother pickles them. They are delicious.

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        I pickled them for the first time this year. They look so pretty coiled inside a wide mouth half pint jar. I'm excited to open them up in a few months.

      2. I've used them in stir fry, and that's good. I've got to get mine cut this week - my husband wants them (or some of them) in mashed potatoes.

        1. Cut the scapes into one inch pieces. Lightly flour some pork medallions. Brown well In butter, transfer to warm plate. Reduce heat a bit and add the scapes and some S&P. Cook until somewhat softened (but don't kill them). Stir in another pat of butter and a couple TBS of capers. Return pork to pan, adjust S&P as needed, heat through and it's ready to eat. My wife likes a squeeze of lemon on hers, I don't. I suppose this would work just as well with pork chops if you adjust the cooking time. Or with chicken, for that matter. And sometimes I'll drop in a few fresh sage leaves along with the scapes.

          I also like to add them to a simple spaghetti with garlic and oil. Just cut em up and cook them along with the garlic. They also find their way into this or that frittata, and into stir fries.

          1. Asian style perhaps?
            in a saucepan, put soy sauce, rice vinegar, chopped ginger, sesame seed oil, sugar and mirin...cut garlic scapes into small pieces(maybe 2 inches long?) and simmer until it's tender and when the liquid is nice and thick and syruppy. Sprinkle it with toasted sesame seeeds. My mom makes this and i love it!