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Outdoor Dining Suggestions.....Montco/Bucks County

This beautiful day has me thinking of a relaxing meal outside on a beautiful patio....nothing fancy needed.....Can anyone suggest some favorite outdoor dining destinations!

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  1. Parc Bistro in Skippack. Love that place!

    1. Pick a spot along the river in New Hope/Lambertville.

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        The Landing in New Hope is quite popular. I am partial to the outdoor patio at Inn of the Hawk in Lambertville.

        In Doylestown there are a few places with outdoor dining including Penn Taproom which has a nice patio, 86 West and Knight House and the patio at Mesquite Grill. Food at all places is mediocre.

      2. I won't vouch for the food at any of these places, but outdoor dining sometimes trumps:
        -Parkside Grill (Harleysville?) - food was good; outdoor patio overlooks a parking lot
        -Molly Maguires - Lansdale - food was ok; second floor patio overlooks trains
        -Joseph Ambler Inn - food was very good; patio overlooks Horsham Rd
        -Springhouse Tavern -food was overpriced, but ok; porch was attractive
        -Bacco (63 & 202): split a pizza and salad and it's good
        -Sumney: again, outside deck is in the parking lot; food is ok.

        Yes, I like to eat outside and would love some better options (not overlooking a parking lot; better than ok food).

        1. The Inn at Phillips Mill, just above New Hope (technically New Hope).

          1. Trax has a nice patio overlooking the train tracks that they just had redone.

            Cafette also has a nice outdoor seating area surrounded by lots of flowers and greenery so it feels private.

            I do love all the recs for the New Hope area but they get completely mobbed on a nice day, especially on the weekends. Nothing relaxing about an hour wait!

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              I completely agree with you about New Hope AmblerGirl. And lets not even get started on parking... that is the one nice thing about Inn of the Hawk across the river in Lambertville. A bit out of the main crush and thats what makes the patio a little peaceful garden amongst the hustle and bustle that is New Hope/Lambertville.

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                Park in Lambertville, then stroll across the bridge to The Landing for a drink. Triumph also has outdoor seating overlooking the old train tracks. In Lambertville, the Boat House has outdoor seating during the summer and great cocktails.

                Boat House
                8 Coryell St, Lambertville, NJ 08530

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                  sadiefox, shhhh, I love my fellow hounds but I tell no one about the Boat House :)

                  Boat House
                  8 Coryell St, Lambertville, NJ 08530

              2. In Newtown there's Isaac Newton's good beer, nice patio and okay food.

                Also Vecchia Osteria by Pasquale BYOB good food with home made pasta and nice patio about 100 feet from the road.

                After either one take a stroll through historic downtown Newtown.

                1. A little out of the way.. Villa Nuova in Penns Park between Doylestown and Newtown. Formerly the Summer Kitchen, the menu is very similar. They still have the paella.
                  Unlike all the other suggestions here, the outdoor dining area is not in the parking lot!!... actually a quiet little courtyard among the other small shops. (The waitstaff struggles a little to service all the tables out there, so be patient )

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                    Recently made our first visit to Villa Nuova since it's change in ownership and name. We had quite enjoyed the Summer Kitchen in the past. Food was decent, not stellar. Service was, indeed, a bit pressed, as a host had to handle both outside and inside tables, assisted by one waitress. Still, for under $100, four of us split two apps and each had a main. The paella is really chock full of shellfish and seafood and was only $18. The calamari appetizer was fresh, lightly breaded and fried and the grilled shrimp enjoyed by all. BYO. It's a bit out of the way, but the peaceful setting and generally quiet ambiance is a nice change from New Hope or Doylestown. Recommended.

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                      Lived in Bucks a long time and I don't ever recall hearing of Penns Park. Assuming I'm at the Courthouse in Doylestown, how do I get to Villa Nuova?

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                        Its in Wrightstown on 2nd Street Pike. You can either go over on 413 (Durham Rd) and make a right onto 232 or go over on Swamp Road and make a left onto 232... its between the two on 2nd Street pike.

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                          The isolation of the location is part of its charm. It ain't New Hope.

                    2. Love all of gaffk's choices, but one of my all-time favorite outdoor dining venues which is a little further out (Chester County) but well worth the drive, especially on a nice day, is St. Peter's Bakery in St Peters (Elverson) PA. Ignore the "bakery" in the name. Melanie has wonderful soups, sandwiches and salads and on Friday evenings she also has pizza and live music. Several outdoor tables with umbrellas are available for your dining pleasure. Be sure to bring wine along as it's BYOB. BTW - the outdoor deck overlooks a boulder field with a creek and mini-waterfalls as well as tall trees. On a breezy day, it is just magical. Those more adventurous diners should bring sneakers along for climbing the boulders before or after your meal. Have fun!!

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                        I think I know what you meant but just for clarification, do not ignore the bakery in the name. They have excellent artisan breads which by the way, are available at the Phoenixville Farmers' Market. Agree, the deck out back and excellent bread do make it a great place to visit.

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                          @RC51Mike - Definitely did not mean for any CHOWS to ignore the baked goods - just trying to let people know that it is not JUST a bakery. That you can enjoy breakfast and lunch there too, as well as pizza on Friday evenings. I went to Phoenixville Farmer's Market yesterday for the first time. Lots of great vendors. Believe it or not, it was the first time I was ever in the town. Really nice atmosphere and lots of restaurant choices. Will put it on my list to head back to for lunch or dinner one evening.

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                          Smaller, less crowded FM in Skippack is also a place to find St. Peter's breads. When My sister visited from FL last summer we had lunch at Martine's in NH, nice deck, great views, decent food. Another spot in Newtown is the Green Parrot patio. If you're adventurous, Bocelli's at the Gwynedd train station has a couple of tables outside - really good food.

                        3. Monday night we stopped at Blue Comet (in Glenside) for dinner and they have a really beautiful outside area in the back. It was a great atmosphere, but the food could be much better. That place could be so great if they'd just redo their menu.
                          Also, there is West Ave Grill in Jenkintown with a few tables outside. KC's alley has a couple tables outside. Trax is great too.

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                            Another one in Ambler is the alley on the side of DeTerra's. Brick walls, nice lighting, and a fireplace (if you are there at night.)

                            Personally, I would nix the Spring House Tavern. The food tastes like something from an retirement home and the traffic whizzing by does not make for an enjoyable dining experience.

                          2. Vine and Fig Tree in Doylestown.
                            Hamilton's Grill Room in Lambertville.
                            Both have outdoor and indoor seating. Suggest requesting outdoor seating at time you reserve table.

                            So glad to see so many votes for Inn at the Hawke. Perhaps the best pub food in the area, great beer selection, nice outdoor seating and relatively easy to park.

                            Also, Via Ponte in Stockton (NJ) has a few tables outside. Hamilton's Grill Room, Vine and Fig Tree and Via Ponte are all BYO.

                            Via Ponte
                            13 Bridge St, Stockton, NJ 08559

                            Hamilton's Grill Room
                            8 Coryell Street, Lambertville, NJ 08530

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                              +1 one on Vine and Fig.. their garden is really nice.

                              I have been enjoying the roof of the Whole Foods in Plymouth Meeting. Blue Route Taco truck and either a nice ice tea or a beer with their tacos makes a nice lunch destination.