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Jun 29, 2011 10:05 AM

Canning and Preserving

I practice small batch preserving and blog about it at through Blogspot as Preserved and Pickled.

I believe there is a renewed interest in gardening and home food preservation which is a reflection of people's desire to have fresh and healthy foods grown locally.

I'm looking for other foodies, bloggers, locavores, with ideas and unique recipes for canning and preserving foods.

What are your thoughts on preserving and pickling at home?

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  1. Did you try doing a search here? There are numerous threads on canning on this board. Some with troubleshooting type questions and others with discussions of recipes and "what are you canning?". There are regular discussion threads about this.

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      Thank you. Lots of stuff going on here once you learn the proper way to search for it....

      1. re: Preserved

        Yeah the search function isn't always perfect. You sound like an experienced canner; but you may be interested anyway in this other thread - talking about a new better homes & gardens issue.

        Definitely keep your eyes open for threads on the Home Cooking board. There are a lot of people who do canning and participate here. There are some "Master Canners" too. It's been very exciting and interesting for me as a (relative) newbie to the whole thing and I've gotten lots of good advice and ideas from people here, especially morwen, momskitchen, and bushwickgirl.

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          Been busy with my blog and lots of canning and preserving at home, so I haven't had as much time to be on-line. Going to check out the Home Canning board now. Thank you for the advise.

    2. I'd start looking at the online canning guides, such as, the USDA website and the Jarden website.

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