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Mar 5, 2006 08:50 PM

Falafel and shawarma

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I'm in torrance on business and miss Sultan's Palace down the street from my apt in Chicago. Can someone recomend a place near torrance that has good falafel and the like? I tried aplace called daphne's on a recomendation and uh... it sucked. There must be better places out there. It doesn't have to look nice, i like storefronts better anyway.


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  1. Oh no, Daphne's really is garbage. Sorry that was one of your first experiences in Torrance!

    Unfortunately, all of the better places are a bit of a drive -- Sunnin, Carnival, Zankou, etc. If you're up for the drive through our world-famous traffic, you can find those places using the link below.

    Otherwise, give Aristo Cafe in Torrance a shot. Might not compare to what you're familiar with, but may tide you over...

    Link: http://lapublichealth.org/rating/

    1. Try Chicken Maison on pch in torrance. Cheap and Good

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