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Mar 5, 2006 08:50 PM

Falafel and shawarma

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I'm in torrance on business and miss Sultan's Palace down the street from my apt in Chicago. Can someone recomend a place near torrance that has good falafel and the like? I tried aplace called daphne's on a recomendation and uh... it sucked. There must be better places out there. It doesn't have to look nice, i like storefronts better anyway.


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  1. Oh no, Daphne's really is garbage. Sorry that was one of your first experiences in Torrance!

    Unfortunately, all of the better places are a bit of a drive -- Sunnin, Carnival, Zankou, etc. If you're up for the drive through our world-famous traffic, you can find those places using the link below.

    Otherwise, give Aristo Cafe in Torrance a shot. Might not compare to what you're familiar with, but may tide you over...


    1. Try Chicken Maison on pch in torrance. Cheap and Good

      1. The original comment has been removed