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Jun 29, 2011 08:55 AM

Trip Report June 2011

Had a great swing through New Orleans last week with a side trip to the Cajun Prairie lands west of Lafayette. Of course had more places on my to-try list than I had time for but here are some highlights:

Charlie's Seafood in Harahan on the way to the city from the airport for a fantastic crab and corn soup and fried catfish with grits.

Mahony's (on Magazine) for a softshell crab po boy. Go early in the week and there's no line. Portions of fries and fried onions were enormous.

Couchon for boudin balls - so good I had to get 2 orders.

Gambino sandwich at Couchon Butcher with a side of Coleslaw from Ugly Dog Saloon

And for the trip home - a pressed hot muffaletta from The Grocery (on St Charles) and some Cajun Dill Zapp chips.

Cajun Country highlights included boudin at Bubba Frey's / Mowata Store, Sweet Baby Breesus biscuits at French Press in Lafayette, cracklings at Pouche's in Breaux Bridge, Bloody Mary's at Fred's Lounge in Mamou, boudin balls from the House of Meat in Brussard.

I've decided I need to go to New Orleans during Sno Ball Season more often - a great way to deal with the heat - I had 5 in 2 days at Ro Bear's (Harahan), Sno Wizard, Hansen's and Sal's (Metarie) - favorites were definately at Hansen's. Although I need to go back and try the 'cream of' flavors next trip.

My luggage was 15 pounds heavier on the way home what with the red beans, lady cream peas, rice, hot sauce, pickled okra & cajun spices from the grocery stores.

Thanks to the New Orleans hounds for answering the tourists questions over and over and hope to be back soon!

3454 Magazine Street, New Orleans, LA

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  1. How were the cracklings at Porche's in Breaux Bridge? I have other spots I go to but am willing to give them another shot. last ones I had were fine but not worth the trouble to get off teh highway and so forth.

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    1. re: hazelhurst

      I think you guys mean Poches... the gratons are good and the boudin is excellent.

      1. re: Mytah

        Yeah, I misspelt that..its the one at the bridge. There is another great pig place with the "r" in it in French Settlement.

        1. re: hazelhurst

          And I misspelled it too, yes the one at the bridge - Poche's. I'm not an expert, but I did like those better than the ones from House of Meat or Bubba's. I think more research is necessary! And I'll have to try the boudin next time too.

          Plum Street was on the list, just didn't get there this time. Snoballs were the perfect palate cleanser between meals.

      2. re: hazelhurst

        Drive your Porche to Poches and git some :)

      3. Glad you had a great trip. Since you love snoballs, put Plum Street Snoballs on your list, for next time, you will NOT be disappointed!

        Plum St. Snoballs
        1300 Burdette Ave, New Orleans, LA

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        1. re: Suzy Wong

          Want a great sonball, try Nola Snow Snoballs on Robert E. Lee, the BEST!