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Jun 29, 2011 07:34 AM

Hot Chicken in Nashville

Here's a good read about a Nashville TN specialty. It's not on my bucket list. But if you've a list of local specialties you must try in your lifetime, this will bring you up to speed. (Or act as a warning.)

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  1. Just don't worry about the neighborhood, and go to Prince's and get it stupid-hot. Go early or go late, but Omg, go once at least.

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      1. re: mamachef

        The one time I was in Nashville, I got to Prince's right before it was supposed to open at noon. A big crowd formed, but the doors never opened.

        Had a great meat-and-three at Swett's, but I never got me some hot chicken. 8>(

      2. Another great article over @ Serious Eats about Prince's.

        Man vs FoodNation recently had a feature on Prince's.