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Jun 29, 2011 07:28 AM

Caterers Flemington area

I had posted a request earlier about a restaurant to host a birthday party.

Things might be changing and instead we may be having the party at home. In that case we'd like to have it caterered, makes things easier. As it's summer it would be great if the menu was along the lines of bbq, pulled pork, bbq chicken, ribs, and sides.

I did a google search and came up with Maddalenas Catering as one. They do bbq according to their website. Also a small restaurant in Flemington, Cook To Order does catering I believe. I have no experince with either.

Anyone have any comments or other suggestions?

Thanks in advance for all your help.

Cook To Order
299 S Main St Ste 7, Flemington, NJ 08822

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  1. The name of the caterer escapes me at the moment, but the operator of the restaurant at Neshanic Valley Golf Course does a very good job on site at the golf facility. I've been to a number of golf outings there in the past few years and they are very capable depending on the level of your budget. I can recall looking them up after a party and they do corporate and off-premise catering as well.

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        Thanks but I refuse to use Merrimakers. They catered my stepdaughter's wedding and it was the absolute worst wedding I've even been to, from the cocktail hour right through dinner. Ane while we brought up the issues during the event they were ignored by the manager and they refused to address them afterwards too.


      2. This may be way more than what you're looking for but Market Roost does a bang up job when it comes to catering. The first time we used them was almost 20 years ago and I've always been very pleased with the quality of food (very fresh), the variety and especially the service provided by this establishment.

        You should know, however, that Market Roost is pricey and some find Carol, the co-owner and the person you're most likely to deal with, to be overbearing at times. Let's just say that she's a perfectionist. I happen to like that.

        Check out the link below and have a look at their various menu options:

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          1. If you're looking for barbeque, Ol' West BBQ in Annandale does catering.