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Jun 29, 2011 04:52 AM

Cabin Cooking

My husband and I rent a fairly remote cabin every summer. The closest, not-well-stocked grocery is about 30 minutes away and since an awesome sunset is usually part of our dinner routine, we are more than happy to stay home and cook. This year we are going for nearly two weeks and will try to bring most of our provisions with us, The house is stocked with good supply of basic cookware

I have some frozen, braised short ribs and a lasagna in the freezer and will probably freeze some mac and cheese before we go. We usually bring up some pantry pastas ingredients, frozen meats, and some marinating chicken for the first night. We also bring up a make your own muffin mix and fruit crisp topping mix and hit up the local fruit stands.

We have been doing this so long, our meals have gotten a little routine-any suggestions out there? Thanks so much in advance,

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  1. When we were renting a house in not-so-rural Vermont we brought our little Weber Smoky Joe grill, a bag of wood chips and frozen packs of chicken thighs and breasts plus the makings of a teriyaki sauce or other marinade. Obviously, the grill can be used for all sorts of food. The house had a well stocked kitchen with good a cooking range but it was nice to have the grill too.

    On our daily excursions we'd stop at farm stands, etc. and buy just enough salad makings or other foods for about 2 days. The last thing we wanted to do was to spend time on fussy preps for meals.

    1. Sounds lovely! I have a lovely recipe for a flank steak on my blog that I take camping with me. I cook it in a dutch oven, but you can broil it in the oven, too. You could make it in the marinade and freeze it to take with you.

      Mom's Tasty Flank Steak

      1/2 c. soy sauce
      1/4 c. olive oil
      1/4 c. lemon juice - bottled is fine for this recipe
      1 T. thyme
      3 green onions, sliced
      A big flank steak

      Place marinade ingredients in a plastic bag, and add steak. Freeze in marinade, and pack it in your cooler. (if you are making this at home, marinate it in the fridge overnight) At camp, put the beef and marinade in a 12 inch dutch oven with 10 coals on the bottom, 14 on top for about 30 minutes. (at home, broil it in a pan with the marinade until desired doneness) Serve with noodles. Yummy!

      1. Freezing meat in marinade sounds like a great idea....and we do have access to a nothing fancy grill...

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          I do that all the time. We usually RV and I prep ahead by freezing chops, chicken & skirt steaks with the marinade, so they can keep the cooler cold, and thaw out in time for dinner each night.

          I make a lot of fajitas, steak & potatoes, grilled pork chops, burgers & dogs for lunches, etc. And like the poster above, we shop locally where we end up, at farm stands and small grocery stores for staples. We also seek out fresh fish markets to enjoy some fresh fish on the grill as well. It works very well for us.

          Pantry meals : I have two small kids, so mine may not appeal, but we do mac & cheese (yes, the blue box kind you can microwave) and other canned pastas they love (they are growing and constantly hungry!!). Also bring packaged oatmeal, cereals, canned beans, tomatoes and olives. What my Mom used to call American Chop Suey, which is cooked elbows mixed w cooked hamburg meat, onions, tomatoes, some spices. Also take and use those pasta, couscous and rice mixes that come with seasonings, and you just add water, milk, oil or butter. Hope that helps!

        2. I would definitely take some steaks and some baker style potatoes... after all it is the ultimate in fast food.

          I would take a fairly large container of pulled pork and some hamburger buns, speaking of which, bring some hamburger.. nothing like grilled slider cheeseburgers.

          A tub of potato salad would be nice.

          I am trying to mention things that can be made ahead or made quickly there. You are on vacation. No need to slave in the kitchen for hours.

          1. Take some summer squash (yellow, zuchinni, patty pan, etc.) and some good sweet onions.
            The squash will keep at least a week in the fridge, if not longer. Slice up some squash and onions, splash with olive oil, salt, pepper. Throw on the grill on a piece of foil or a grill pan. Makes a great easy side for anything you cook on the grill. You can add red bell pepper, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, whatever you have for variety.