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Jun 28, 2011 10:31 PM

OOPS. Cookie dough without enough flour

So I made a big batch of cookie dough the other day. The tried and true Jacque Torres.

My mind was not on the task and I've just realised (after cooking a third), that I omitted
*1 2/3 cups (8 1/2 ounces) bread flour
so it just has the cake flour. and they just run together when baked.

What to do with the mixture? I don't want to waste all that good stuff, any suggestions? please!


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  1. Honestly, I would gently knead in the missing bread flour, by hand.
    They will still be tender and delicious if you are gentle.

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    1. re: rabaja

      Exactly what I would do. I add flour sometimes even when I have followed the recipe. If my first pan spreads too much, I mix in a little more flour.

    2. How do they taste? Maybe cook them in a muffin pan to keep them separated if they taste all right, otherwise knead in the flour as suggested

      1. I've done that and just added in the extra flour, minus approximately however much would have been in the first batch of cookies. I actually like the toffee-like aspect of the cookies like that, but they're a pain to get out of the pan etc. Nobody seemed to mind munching on the mistakes, either lol.

        1. Have you done anything with this yet? If I had it, I think I'd bake it over an unsweetened graham cracker crust and make a bar cookie.

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          1. re: chowser

            Thanks so much for all the suggestions. I have the dough in the freezer, so have had time to stew over what i might do with it! The stuff that all ran together is all too easy to eat, argh.

            I like the idea of muffin tins or the bar cookie - would that kind of be like another kind of bar cookie? Would I be replicating something there? I'm from austraila, so am not sure what I might use a sub for unsweetened graham cracker. Is it really unsweetened? No sugar at all?


            1. re: narelle

              Do you have digestives? Those would probably work. It would be along the idea of this crust:


              Bake it (I'd make enough for a 9x13 pan and press on the bottom), add the cookie dough and bake again. OTOH, if it's good, I'd consider forgetting that and just baking the dough in the pan. After I read your post, I thought it sounded like a great mistake, one I might have to try.

              1. re: chowser

                It's crazy chocolate goodness :)

          2. basically that's just blondies/brownies.