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Jun 28, 2011 10:02 PM

I'm 49, can I live without a food processor?

Granted, I didn't start cooking until my mid-30's, but I still seem to do just fine without one. I can't live without my immersion blender, but somehow a food processor isn't a big priority. What am I missing?

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  1. I dunno. What are you missing?

    I don't find either -- immersion blender or food processor -- to be a priority, much less essential.

    1. Depends on what you like to cook but I could not. Personally I think food processor is used way more then immersion, but thats just me. I use it for anything from pestos, marinades, vinagarettes, purees, sauces, breadcrumbs. I use immersion blender primarily for some sauces and soups, or if I'm cooking for ALOT of people and need something processed.

      1. I could live without if necessary but I love my food processor and use it several times per week - far more than I use my immersion blender. It really is more versatile as it can chop and thinly slice large amounts in addition to pureeing, emulsifying, etc.

        1. Yes you can live without it - but I have 3 . . . . . so maybe once you get used to them you can't go back - I have 2 small mini-prep sized ones and one 14 cup processor. The mini-preps get used frequently (sauces/pesto/chopping nuts/etc), the large one gets used whenever I am having a crowd (parties/Thanksgiving/etc). In fact I don't think I would do Thanksgiving for a crowd without it.

          1. I never use mine. Perhaps once every 4-5 months I may break it out, but that's stretching it. I do use the chopper attachment on my immersion blender once a month or so though, and thats kind of like a mini food processor. I also use a mandolin pretty frequently.