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Jun 28, 2011 09:59 PM

Dinner at Blink (YYC)

Shortly after we arrived some lovely in house plain and multigrain baguette arrived at the table. Fantastic start. Service and pacing were perfect. I was catching up with an old friend so I appreciated that the server let us have a few extra minutes when I arrived.

I ordered the golden and red beet salad with goat cheese, greens that I think were pea shoots, pistachios and pistachio vinaigrette. I love beets and rarely make them at home since I seem to be the only one who'll eat them so I was in heaven.

For my main a soft flakey melt in your mouth sake marinated sablefish and hiding out of view , shimeji mushrooms, dashi broth and tucked under the fish bc spot prawn and ginger wontons. I could eat this every day.

I'll let the pictures tell the story since I'm home with a head cold right apologies for the less than stellar photography. I wanted to be discreet so I only took a few quick shots with my cell phone.

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  1. I agree! I think the best single meal I have ever had in Calgary was at Blink. It was my wifes main, which was what you ordered. The Dashi broth is mind expanding. Life changing. Luckily she had quite a bitr of the appies, so I could eat her main with gusto...

    The service there is always spot on, you can always expect a visit from the owner to ensure everything is ok....Does she ever go home???

    We had a reservation for 8, showed up at 7:30, but were shown to a table at the front beside the window immediately. We would have been happy to sit at the bar, but it was great that the best table in the house was open for us. After dinner we lingered over cocktails for a couple hours, people watching and trying new drinks untill 11 or so, and never once felt rushed or pressured to leave...Eating at Blink, because of the service moreso than the food, reminds me of eating in Seattle or San Francisco, in that they treat you like their livelyhood deponds on you being happy, as there are hundreds of other places you could go.

    Glad to see Blink is still alive and well, and will be returning for that dish soon!

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      In terms of my best meal in Calgary I'm afraid Il Sogno is in the number one spot, but Blink is definitely a close second. We didn't get a visit from the owner, nor would I expect to --we only saw our server for the duration. I recognized him from previous visits; unlike other places Blink seems to have low turnover -- a good sign in my books.

      That was the first time I had shimeji mushrooms, now I'm wondering where to find them so I can start cooking with them at home.