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Jun 28, 2011 07:03 PM

Food Ideas to Eat "On The Run"

There is a local free clinic in my area that asks volunteers to provide dinner for the doctors, nurses, and other volunteers. I'm a pretty good cook--even went to culinary school but I can't seem to come up with any ideas for the meal. They only have a few minutes here and there to grab a bite in between seeing patients so it needs to be something they can just grab and go. I was thinking something ethnic since most people who volunteer cop and buy like subway sandwiches and pizza. I would be grateful for all of your suggestions.

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  1. what about sliders, or eggrolls (can vary the filling - veggies, deli, chicken)? maybe fish and chips - very British, or falafel.

    1. Maybe chili. I am thinking the on the run side could come from searching it in paper coffee style cups w/plastic utensils so it is easy to eat or set down.

      1. Everything and all things bite sized.

        Stuffed mini-peppers. Sushi rolls. Rice balls. Pinwheels. Mini-baked ravioli. And so on.

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          In the same vein, small kebabs - chicken, beef, vegetable, etc. No utensils required.

        2. As a nurse, I don't have any specific suggestions. However, the reason that the pizza and sandwiches are popular is not only because they are grab and go, but because they are good at room temp. In a hospital, Dr.'s office or clinic, it is more about grabbing a bite when you have that 2-5 minutes to breathe and maybe even sit down in the break room, then wanting to carry it around with you. (in fact, I have never had a unit manager okay with food actually out on the floor.) So, it should be something good at room temp. Alternatively, something like a soup, stew or chili that is kept warm in a crock-pot in the break room would be appreciated. Also something that can be doled out in small portions at a time, because you may often run back to grab a small bite multiple times during your shift. I always appreciated plates of cut up fresh fruit, since so often we were treated to unhealthy options like donuts or candy. Oh, and thanks for doing this at your local clinic. No matter what you provide, it will be appreciated.

          1. Samosas, maybe? Stuffed grapeleaves?