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Jun 28, 2011 06:28 PM

VIP Vietnamese Restaurant - A GOOD Pho place 'closer to home' in Markham!

I live way up north in a 'pho-wasteland'. As such, sometimes I need to drive all the way to either Finch west or even downtown for a 'great' pho fix!

Located in First Markham Place is VIP Vietnamese Restaurant. I noticed its existance for quite a while now. However, skeptical about its quality and authenticity due to its location in a Chinese Mall, I have always passed it by. Yesterday, my son commented that this VIP place is his favourite pho place and that I should give it a try. So today, I did! And I am glad!

I ordered a bowl of pho with rare beef, well-done brisket and beef balls. The meat portion was very generous and the rare beef was still 'rare' upon reaching my table. The noodle was cooked just a touch over al -dente, which I liked. As for the 'pretty dense' broth, it was extremely tasty, full of strong meat and bone flavour and at the same time with just the right aroma and taste of star anise and other spices.

All in all, a very satisfying and delicious bowl of pho. Now, I can save on gasoline!!!

BTW, I noticed they have the 'rare offering' of the famous Vietnamese dish - Beef 7 ways! May be I'll give that a try down the road?!

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  1. Hey Charles!
    Is this inside the Foodcourt or outside of the mall?

    I'll check it out! You're right, we're in a bit of a "wasteland" here up north!

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    1. re: gutsontoast

      Outside of the mall. Close to the side street exit.

    2. Looks delicious and meaty, but kind of small for pho? Or is it just the angle of the photo that makes it look small?

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      1. Hi Charles
        Have you tried the pho place across the way from Pacific Mall on Redlea? It is called Kim Po .
        I have found the broth to be quite decent. The menu is very limited, but I only go for the pho anyways. The portions are generous and broth is better then most places in Markham.
        Service is very no frills though, don't expect smiling faces.

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        1. re: sweetie

          There's a new Kim Po location as well on Woodbine and Denison beside the Hangover bar on the NE corner.

          1. re: LUV_TO_EAT

            Do you know if it is the same people? I should go try to see if the broth is te same.

          2. re: sweetie

            Two of my favourite places are Hockey Sushi, on Centre St., and Rainbow Sushi on Bathurst. Excellent food, efficient service but no smiling faces. It would make a meal so much more pleasant should they look more friendly.

            Hockey Sushi
            1102 Centre St, Thornhill, ON L4J3M8, CA

            1. re: sweetie

              Indeed I have! The VIP version was better! ( both meat and broth ).

              1. re: Charles Yu

                how was the msg meter? personally, after hitting up ossington and finch west i refuse to waste my stomach elsewhere. but glad you found a place closer to home and enjoyed it.

                1. re: junkie

                  I wasn't feeling thirsty after, so I guess it wasn't excesseive?!

              2. re: sweetie

                +1 for kim po for pho
                and their tomato beef stew with rice is decent as well

              3. Thanks Charles,
                I went to this place yesterday for lunch and the pho was amazing. I had the brisket and rare beef and the meat was perfect, the broth was delicious. I think I'll be skipping Vic-Hong from now on