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Jun 28, 2011 04:34 PM

Traditional food and caldarreta in Menorca

Hello Spain CHers!
I'm an Italian food blogger and right now I'm spending few days of vacation in the wonderful Menorca.
Tonight I tried to eat traditional food at Ca's Ferrer de sa Font in Ciutadella but unfortunately it is closed during this period. There is a sign where they wrote they are trying to achieve self production for all their ingredients needs.
Does anyone know if there are alternatives with a similar offer?
I'm also curious to know if the famous caldarreta de langosta worth the price. It's at least 60€ per person as far as I have seen in restaurants here.

I'm based in Ferreries but I have a car so it is easy to go in other towns around the island.
Any help within a couple of days will be appreciated!

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  1. In Ciutadella, there's Café Balear: which runs its own fishing boat.

    About caldereta... whether it's worth it or not depends on two things: 1. whether you fetishize primo, rare crustaceans from the Mediterranean, and 2. whether you are actually eating the real thing (many cheaper restaurants substitute farmed lobster from elsewhere). In Fornells, there's Es Pla--famous as the king's favorite spot for caldereta (for what that's worth...). Be sure to try the many different kinds of sobrasada--I think Menorca's is the best.

    Can you report on your favorite Menorca finds when you return?

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      Thank you for the answer butterfly and sorry for writing back so late.
      At Cafe Balear we had a great fish dinner and I liked that it is located a bit apart from the sequence of restaurants in Ciutadella port. Between these, I loved Bar Triton! Mainly fish tapas (but not only) with a very good price compared to the average for Menorca.
      It worth a mention in my opinion also a more modern restaurant in Es Mercadal, named TAST. Lovely service and interesting food, with some creativity in preparations. A big surprise in this nice village located in the middle of the island. The "millefoglie" cake (I don't remeber the name in spanish) with cheese and soft fruit was superb!
      Sobrasada and mahon cheeses have been good "pals" for lunches.
      A special thank you goes to Stephanie and Ignazio for their suggestions about food and for the excellent hospitality we had at their little hotel in Ferreries (Ses Sucreres).
      What about caldereta? I fetishize food of course, but in this case the price was really too high for this vacation budget and I'll remain with the curiosity. It will be a good reason to be back in Menorca soon :)
      I've reported more places and details in my blog (in Italian, sorry for not having time to translate it in English).