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Jun 28, 2011 03:26 PM

Cassis Bistro - Calgary

Has anyone been? If so, do tell!

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  1. Went a few weeks ago, so good.

    Very small place and definitely minimalistic in decor with a lot of white and metal for the tables and chairs. Nice atmosphere though and doesn't feel very pretentious at all. Proximity is right beside Casel Marche, in fact you can cross over to there if the market is open and they share washrooms in the complex.

    As it was recently opened, all hands were on deck including Dominic Moussu who was active in the kitchen and mulling about. Menu was small but all of the items sound appealing, and server was helpful in noting that most of the items were gluten-free.

    Started with a tomato confit with garlic crostini which I recognized as the same yummy ones from L'Epicerie. Small portion but very tasty, nice rosemary flavour and a perfect light beginning to the meal. For appies, I had the mixed greens to start and wifey had the beef tartare (sans crostini to be gluten-free) - mixed greens were wonderful, very fresh and nice light vinaigrette properly dressed. Beef tartare was excellent as well with the quali egg to go with it. Great start!

    For our mains, I had the skirt steak while wifey had the duck magret. As with any good French food, the highlight of both dishes ended up being the sauces as they took what may otherwise have been interpreted to be the typical dishes you may order at a good restaurant (steak + duck breast) and took them to another level. Skirt steak was pre-sliced when served and had an excellent onion-Bordelaise type of sauce over it. The pommes frites were in fact perfectly roasted potatoes, I wouldn't have minded actual fries but I suppose this was the healthier way to go and they were tasty anyways! The duck breast was well-prepared although the skin wasn't all the crispy, but the honey-lavender sauce over it was tremendous. We also shared a side of ratatouille which was very tasty - you could tell that this was all aiming for that soul-warming French food that people long for!

    For dessert, wifey had the chocolate mousse and I had the apple tart. Again, both were outstanding and very well-executed. Cassis also has a great assortment of aperitifs to give the booze list an extra element other than wine and beer.

    Overall a great experience, very comfortable and pleasant - I can't wait to go back to try the other items on the menu!

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      Have to give this new little gem a definite thumbs up. We went for lunch on the weekend. We started with the special soup of the day...Sweet Potato with a drizzle of truffle oil. It was absolutely divine...and the portion was not small. My SO went on to have the seafood special...and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a mixture of seafood in a phyllo crust. I saw at least 3 other tables ordering this dish as well - so it seemed to be very popular. No opinion from me - I don't do seafood. But I do do Beef Tartare...which is where I directly headed for next. It was great - lots of capers. My only disappointment was that it was served with a regular egg - not a quails there was quite a bit of yolk left on my plate. We finished with the lemon tart which again was very nice...but the crust could have been a little thinner. During the two hours we were there - there was a steady stream of patrons. Never fully booked...but always more than half. The staff were knowledgeable and very pleasant. They have an area on the back wall where they show old french films. Will definitely be back.

    2. Anyone been here for lunch/brunch?

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        I was there for lunch a week ago - see above. Hope you go and enjoy it.