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Canned Lobster - what do you think?

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So I love lobster, but hate preparing it live. Is canned lobster a good substitute? Are there any ways of preparing it that really make it shine? I tired a lobster chowder and I was kind of underwhelmed. It was good, but not $15 a can good. Let me know what you think!


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  1. The lobster that comes frozen in the iron-like can isn't bad at all. My only complaint is they never include the tamale & roe.

      1. How sad,

        Find someone in your circle to cook it LIVE for you. You buy, they boil.

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          I think I will do this! It really is not the same as fresh I was just wondering if there was any good preparation for it.

        2. i didnt know they canned lobster....let me know how it tastes, I kinda share lifesabinge opinion, but am now curious. If its like canned crab--no thanks


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            It's not the same as fresh, that's for sure. The flavour is there, but the texture - not so good, watery and chewy, I would say. Perhaps I will have to have the dh cook them for me, and shell them, so I can have lobster rolls.

          2. A number of supermarkets will steam seafood for you (at no cost) while you shop. You may want to check into that as well.

            1. My wife went to CEGEP (post secondary/pre university for those not from quebec) and made a friend from New Brunswick. This girl had an uncle who owned a lobster shop, so she grew up knowing fresh lobster (so she said). Buying lobster from a tank in the Montreal area was not her definition of fresh, due to the xport time and not knowing how long Larry was in the tank. She insisted the canned version is better than a Montreal-area tank lobster.
              Me? I don't wholly agree but the canned might be adequate for some applications like a lobster cake...