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Jun 28, 2011 02:06 PM

Pasta machine

first time buyer on pasta machine is there a decent one for decent price
does it come with all attachments

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  1. If you have a KitchenAid mixer I highly recommend the pasta roller/cutters. They work wonderfully! I got mine from eBay and am in love. Very easy to clean, too. Slick.

    1. Go for the old-school, Italian-made, hand-cranked, heavy-metal types. Don't go crazy lusting after "all the attachments" until you're down with how it's done. Sheets and flat cuts like fettuccine are great places to start. If you want extruded types, buy a good imported brand pasta.

      1. There's a reason these have been around forever, they're about as efficient as it gets.

        You can make the dough by hand (easy) or in a food processor (ridiculously easy) and then finish it in the machine. You just run a batch of dough through the rollers to get the desired thickness and then run through the cutters for the final product. The automated machines don't do it any better.

        1. I worked in a kitchen store that sold pasta machines and I have a hand cranked one that I have used for decades. I agree with Kagemusha--go for the simplest one. So many people buy a pasta machine of whatever kind and then find out they really don't make pasta that often. I agree with Ferret that making dough in a food processor is ridiculously easy and you can cut it with a knife for nice wide noodles and stuffed pastas, use the cutting blades when you want something thinner and uniform. Just make sure you have an appropriate thickness counter/table for the clamp that holds the machine tight.

          1. I have this pasta machine by Imperia, and I don't like it for one very specific reason: its last, i.e., thinnest, thickness is not as thin as that produced by a machine I had back in the '70s and '80s, and lost somewhere along the way. The old one came in a tan box with dark brown printing. I wish I still had it.


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              If the thinnest setting on your Imperia is still too thick. Just run the sheets through a second time at the thinnest setting while stretching the sheets very lightly. It might take a little practice at first but it works well for me.

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                Do you have the same machine?

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                  I have an old hand-crank Atlas.