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Jun 28, 2011 01:27 PM


Has anyone been to Chago's Caribbean Restaurant on N. Lamar? I saw that they were active on Twitter today, so I guess it mean's they are open now...seems to be Puerto Rican oriented with some Cuban items.

Here is a delicious looking twit pic they posted:

Whoever gets there first, please give is a report.

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  1. will try it out today and report back.

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    1. re: lixlix

      YAY! Eager to see what you have to say.

      1. re: luckyfatima

        I had the fried pork and rice daily special with some garlic yucca. Now, I know you can't have pork Fatima, but I guess the execution will be a good indication of their other dishes.

        The pork was made from the shoulder was fairly moist though as a fan of fatty pork, I would have preferred if it was made from the belly instead of from the shoulder. Still, it was well spiced and had a crispy exterior and tender interior. The rice was nicely flavored with some lentils mixed in.

        The side of yucca was boiled and covered in caramelized onions and a nice lemon herb vinegrette. The vinegrette had a nice balance between acid and oil and along with the sweet caramelized onions did a good job of flavoring the starchy yucca.

        Next time I aim to try the Mofongo, cuban sandwich, and seafood dishes.

        Final verdict : The restaurant didn't blow me away but was good enough for me to want to give the rest of their menu a try.

        1. re: lixlix

          Thanks for the report, lixlix. Yep, I will try something chicken or seafood when I go :)

    2. We went today. My wife had the chicken fricasse and said it was quite good. My oldest daughter had the steak with onions( biftec encebollado) and liked it a lot. I had the mofongo ( smash plantain) with shrimp on the side and thought it was as good as the one I make. Prices are reasonable. The only shortcoming was their beer selection: it could use some local flavor. We will be back in the weekend to try the " sancocho" ( caribbean stew with lots of meats and vegetables.

      1. Went there for lunch yesterday. Two lunch specials and a small side of sweet plantains (yum) was 14.00. Fried pork with some nice peas and rice. Talked to the owner's daughter while the order was prepared. She said they have live music on the weekend and dancing. Am really taken with this place.

          1. Ate there last night. pretty lousy. nothing was cooked with salt. We had the chicharrones, plantain chips, suckling pig and braised chicken. The rice (both plain and w/peas) tasted as though it had been prepared the day before and reheated. but hey, at least it was warm. the chicken and potatoe braised thing was cold.

            The chicken chicharron was a bummer. wholly unsalted, odd pieces of what looked to be the rib cage i guess they picked out before they braised the chicken for other dishes.

            The suckling pig was somewhat moist but lacked any flavor whatsoever.

            The black beans were fine.