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Jun 28, 2011 01:03 PM

Looking for Great Thai Food (Edmonton)

I'd like to organize a Thai dinner at some point for the Edmonton Foodie Meetup Group.

What Thai restaurants in Edmonton are the tastiest (and can accommodate a small group of ≤10 people)? Easy parking is a definite plus as well!

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  1. I just recently went to Thai Orchid for the first time. It has kind of an odd location in the Travelodge on Gateway Blvd., but the service and food were great and the place was spotless.

    I have also been to Bua Thai and The King and I, and I think Thai Orchid is my new favourite.

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      I also REALLY like the Thia orchid! The hot and sour soup is awesome!

    2. There's a new group? The old one hasn't met since... last year?

      1. I'm a big fan of Thai Valley Grill...

        Still keep meaning to go to Thai Orchid

        1. May I ask what is the Edmonton Foodie Meetup Group? Interesting!

          To the question at hand - please not The King and I :o( I've had nothing but bad experiences there. I'm partial to Saigon Paradise on 137 Ave and 97 Street. It's delicious, has cheesie decor, and is family-owned. They also do Vietnamese.

          Weird location in a strip mall, but I dig it. :)