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Looking for Great Thai Food (Edmonton)

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I'd like to organize a Thai dinner at some point for the Edmonton Foodie Meetup Group.

What Thai restaurants in Edmonton are the tastiest (and can accommodate a small group of ≤10 people)? Easy parking is a definite plus as well!

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  1. I just recently went to Thai Orchid for the first time. It has kind of an odd location in the Travelodge on Gateway Blvd., but the service and food were great and the place was spotless.

    I have also been to Bua Thai and The King and I, and I think Thai Orchid is my new favourite.

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      I also REALLY like the Thia orchid! The hot and sour soup is awesome!

    2. There's a new group? The old one hasn't met since... last year?

      1. I'm a big fan of Thai Valley Grill...

        Still keep meaning to go to Thai Orchid

        1. May I ask what is the Edmonton Foodie Meetup Group? Interesting!

          To the question at hand - please not The King and I :o( I've had nothing but bad experiences there. I'm partial to Saigon Paradise on 137 Ave and 97 Street. It's delicious, has cheesie decor, and is family-owned. They also do Vietnamese.

          Weird location in a strip mall, but I dig it. :)

            1. I second Viphalay. It's our new favourite and after at least 10 meals there they've never disappointed with food, ambience or service. We've taken tons of family and friends who have all loved it, including those who've been to Thailand. It's a pretty small room but ten people would not be a problem. I haven't visited any of the other restaurants mentioned here, but Viphalay is fantastic. It also easily accommodates food allergies including gluten and dairy. If you want more details I reviewed it on my blog:


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                I've never been but my wife always talks about taking me to Viphalay. She loves it and goes there for work lunches.

                Also never been but apparently Boualuong on 97th St. is pretty authentic.

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                    Haven't tried Viphalay, but I can recommend Boualouong on 97th. Started off as a tiny 5 table, one cook joint, but was so successful they were recently able to expand to a proper space just down the road from their original location.

                  2. It's been a couple of years because I usually cook my own Thai food, but Bua Thai on 113th off Jasper is excellent Thai food and they use as fresh of ingredients as available in Edmonton. However that comes with a price. Viphalay is not bad but some of their base sauces seem canned. Syphay on Calgary trail is nice if you want some Lao versions (read - Issan Plateau/Changmai), but it's not great for ambiance - same goes for Boualouang on 97 St, though it has nicer ambiance now. Thai Valley is also good. Edmonton has among the worst Thai places I've ever encountered anywhere - the King & I. Just really insipid versions meant to not offend even the most vanilla palettes, even after we specifically asked for it spiced up - repeatedly! Lots to choose from at least.

                    1. Thanks for the replies everyone!

                      Regarding the group... we're brand new as of the end of June. Our next event will be at Corso 32 and then a get together at Taste of Edmonton. We use the Meet-Up website: http://www.meetup.com/edmontonfoodies/ Feel free to join us... It's always great to get more foodies together!

                      I asked the group about Thai Orchid but it seems like many have been, so I'll put forward Viphalay

                      Thanks again!

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                        We're going to try Viphalay! Thanks for the recommendations... I'll let you know how it goes!