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Jun 28, 2011 12:36 PM

where to eat when in florida

My family and i are going to Florida next week, and i would love to know of some great places to eat when you are visiting Florida.
we are going on a round trip around the stat and are visiting Miami, the Florida Keys, Naples, Fort Mayers, Orlando, Palm beach and, Fort Lauderdale so if you have some knowledge about great restaurants and eateries i would love to know about those. :)
I would of course love to know about great restaurants, but also where the locals go when they go out to eat, ie. thereby learning about the local cultures and food from the places we visit.
so if you have some good advice that would be great :)

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  1. how long are going to be here?
    if u are driving those...u will be in the car more than eating....

    south florida /miami has its own section...lots of good places in posts there..
    naples/ft myers has quite a few good places...
    insatiable appetite has a blog about the area...he may chime in...and u can check his blog
    orlando is another section also...lots of good posts about dining there...
    yosemite sam has some good posts on orlando

    i dont get to ft lauderdale/palm beach so i cant help u there...

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    1. re: srsone

      we are going to be in florida for 17 days and yes we are driving. but we are staying in each area for at least 2 day or more so there should be a possibility to go out to eat :).
      thanks for the tip about the blog i will chek that out.

      1. re: cille your starting in miami? driving to the keys...then back over to naples/ft myers...then up to orlando and then back down to PB/ft lauderdale?...

        thats still lot of driving.... :-)

        u missed stone crab joes would be a maybe stop...

        here in naples ...i like a few places...
        Pazzo.. the Turtle Club..Pastrami Dans (not fine dining but good sandwiches and tacos)

        down on marco island...(just south of naples) Arturos,Konrads, Snook Inn

        just a few to start...

        Turtle Club Restaurant
        9225 Gulf Shore Dr, Naples, FL 34108

        853 5th Ave S, Naples, FL 34102

        1. re: srsone

          yes that will be our route..and yes it will be a lot of driving but that was the only way we get to see what we want to see, it is not every day you get to see florida when you come from Denmark.
          but thanks for the tip about the places in naples that is somthing we definitely will be chekking out and i also looked at the blog you suggested and i found it verry useful :)

          1. re: cille

            I'd say focus most of your time in the larger metropolitan areas (Orlando, Miami, Tampa, etc) and set up camp there, then venture out during the day to the places nearby that you want to check out. I would say no more than a couple days in Jacksonville or Tallahassee, if you plan to go up that far. Maybe:

            4 days South Florida (Miami, Lauderdale, etc), 2 days Sarasota, 3 days Tampa, 3 days Orlando, 3 days North Florida (Jacksonville, Tallahassee, etc)? Something like that might be doable. Not much going on in North Florida, but there are some fun places to visit and see.

            1. re: askdrtodd


              Welcome to Florida! I was in lovely Copenhagen, couldn't get into Noma, and wrote up charming Puk on my Sept 3, 2010 blog, which srsone has alluded to. There's plenty of photos of 100 area restaurants, however with perhaps 1-2 days in the Naples-Fort Myers area, it's easier to tell you some SW Florida favorites that my out of town guests love. There's also an evening sailboat ride-often a few dolphins will join you!

              Srsone has named some goodies, (Turtle Club right on the sandy beach at dinner is great) and I'll add Inca's Kitchen as a Must Visit for its delicious Peruvian cuisine large portions, and inexpensive pricing-closed Mondays.

              Bites at the Ritz Carlton on the beach gives a reasonably priced and magical night especially when musicians Steve and Winnie are playing-call ahead to know.

              For Fort Myers, La Trattoria Casa Napoli is a fun spot with Spanish and Cuban cuisines-great food great prices. To try Southern food, inexpensive Lee Roy Selmon's is great for a lunch. Sweet Melissa's is worth a visit if you are Sanibel for supper.

              You gotta do BBQ for Fourth of July and reserve a spot for fireworks, weather permitting, too!

              1. re: An Insatiable Appetite

                hope you enjoyed copenhagen.... and yes it is quite difficult to get in to Norma, haven't been to Norma myself yet... :)
                but will definitely chek some of the places you suggest out and have also read your blog where their also are some great ideas for places to eat... so tahnks

    2. While in the keys try to stop in islamorada for dinner at Pierre's. Fantastic food with views.

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      1. ...also if you make it east, naples has a fabulous local restaurant The Ridgeway.