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Jun 28, 2011 12:27 PM

what (if anything) does it take for you to return to a bad restaurant?

If I have had a bad meal at a restaurant, and especially more than once (which would only happen if the place was not my choice), would you ever go back?
I don't think that I would - even before the economy was this tight. If I heard several glowing recommendations by people who I know and who have similar tastes, maybe. I'm not sure. What about you? What would it take?

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  1. I had two consecutive bad experiences at a restaurant which I had frequented for years. Never went back. There are too many places fighting for my business for me to give 3rd chances to a place that disappointed me twice.

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      I sometimes give a place a 3rd chance, but its usually after a long period and my memory has softened. Bad after 3, never again by choice.
      A few things might bring me back: for a function of sorts (say someones birthday - this happens occasionally, or a meeting destination chose by someone else), or maybe if it had a good bar and I wasn't there to eat, or maybe if they change management and it shows new promise.

    2. One bad experience I could chalk up to an off night. Two bad experiences and I wouldn't be back unless the place changed ownership, chefs, etc.

      1. I usually don't get absolutely terrible food at restaurants but did get a spoiled tuna fillet on a salad in a very popular restaurant in my city once and the waitress just took it away- didn't offer me anything else- just left. I would never step foot in there again even if I was paid. No second chance with rotten fish!

        1. I would NEVER go back if I got food poisining there, that's an 'unforgivable', otherwise, I usually give places a second chance; everybody has a bad day every once-in-a-while.

          1. There are just too many restaurants where I live vying for my business -- too many new places to try. It's unlikely I would go back unless someone else was paying and really wanted to go, or unless everybody but me seemed to love the place and told me I'd ordered the wrong thing. But not likely I'd return. And after two bad experiences, there would never be a third.