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Jun 28, 2011 12:13 PM

Help choose a pound cake recipe, to accompany ice cream.

I'm choosing between these two, both from Smitten Kitchen, because I trust her recipes, but other pound cake recipes welcome (I own the Cake Bible and could see using one of her recipes). I prefer a recipe for a 10-inch tube pan so I don't have to adjust quantities or cooking times.

Cream cheese pound cake (I'm skipping the coulis and going with strawberry ice cream instead)

Lighter, airy pound cake (a James Beard version

If anyone has made either of these cakes, I'd love a report.


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  1. my go-to is the moosewood version, which is very buttery and fairly dense. classic to me.

    1. This cold oven cake - Elvis Presley's Favorite Pound Cake - has never failed me.

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        Thanks for the replies, hotoy and Axalady. FYI I wound up making the cream cheese pound cake from Smitten Kitchen, linked in my original post, and it was absolutely fabulous. Very moist, with an incredibly tender, melt-in-your-mouth crumb, but it still had the density you want in a pound cake. Excellent flavor and excellent "crust".

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          Thanks for posting that recipe - it looks amazing. How have the leftovers fared? I am looking for ideas that will last a few days at room temp without drying out and this will definitely be a contender if the leftovers keep.

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            Well, we had a big party and ate almost all of the cake the day it was baked. I ate the final slice for breakfast the next morning, after holding at room temp over night. It was no less moist and delicious than the night before. I grilled it briefly in a pan with a little butter to brown the sides, and served with sauteed bananas and greek yogurt. Best breakfast I've had in a while. It didn't need this treatment, however, as I snuck a bite before putting it in the pan. Really an outstanding cake and I imagine it would keep well for a few days.

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              Thanks for the info - I look forward to trying it soon!

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                FYI I recommend using high quality butter. I used Plugra', but any Grade AA butter from the US (such as Cabot) or good European butter will work. Probably would not recommend a cultured butter, however, since it has a strong flavor that not everyone will like in a sweet dish.

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            I love that cake. and it keeps beautifully. Also freezes well.

        2. Cook's Illustrated's Cold Oven Pound Cake recipe is great if you like a lot of crust. Personally, I like Sweet Potato Pound Cake. Not sure where I got the recipe.

          1. Almond pound cake made with almond paste is so good with strawberries...Family Circle Magazine.

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              There's a good pound cake recipe on the can of Solo almond filling. Lots of butter, and it keeps well in the refrigerator for weeks.

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                Speaking of almond pound cake made with almond paste, this Crystal Almond Pound Cake from Flo Braker is simply stupendous. The citrus glaze really sets it off. I love this cake so much, I can never bring myself to try another pound cake recipe. I should probably get over it--but I doubt that I will.


                ETA: Just noticed that this recipe is the original of the one fmogul referred to as a Bittman recipe below. Before it was Bittman, before it was Grandaisy, it was Flo Braker's--and her original recipe is quite different from the Bittman adaptation of the Grandaisy adaptation. Try the original. It's really outstanding.

              2. Go ahead and slap me.

                But if I want pound cake with my ice cream, I toast up a thick slice of Sara Lee Pound Cake.

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