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Jun 28, 2011 11:26 AM

Blue Ribbon Arlington...this shark has sailed

I've read the occasional downhill alerts on this place here and held onto hope that it wasn't so. Now, Cooking from a central commissary, lack of smoke etc. I have to say it is indeed sad but true. i ordered a half rack of ribs using a Groupon and this was as disappointing a meat as I've had in a great while. There was no semblance of slow wood cooked BBQ flavor, no bark, no smoke ring, no lingering perfume on the fingers. The meat was alternately stringy and fatty. Just sad. When it opened, it was a huge leap over what we had in Boston. Has anyone been pleased with the West Newton location lately. The central commissary thing has me doubting.

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  1. I've only eaten at the Newton BR, and I thought it has stayed the same. What hasn't stayed the same is me! I've been introduced to the bbq from BT's in Sturbridge. There is no comparison, and I now wait to satisfy by 'cue fix until I go there, or my husband brings it home.

      1. Been getting my 'cue lately from CnD's in Wakefield. Real deal. Best around.

        1. Pulled pork was pretty smoky last week, so they are still using smoke. Now about these ribs, I don't know what's going on. The cut of the rib just isn't the same - so maybe the cooking technique/times had to be changed too? Maybe the groupon scheme has forced their hand to a cheaper supply?

          They have been making bbq at the commissary now for at least two years. They have good smokers and I have both good and bad ribs since they moved it all to the commissary. So its some other issue besides cooking at a central location.

          Did the Newton location ever smoke anything at the store itself - or was that always offsite?

          BR is still my goto place for pulled pork.

          1. I've never particularly liked their ribs, so it's not so much that they've gone downhill for me as that they were never good in the first place. Their sandwiches (esp. on the specials board) and sides keep me coming back, though.