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Jun 28, 2011 10:46 AM

Birmingham - Best Hotdogs for cooking at home? Butchers?

I was hoping to find something to grill (maybe steam then grill) on the 4th besides the usual Hebrew Nationals, Nathan's, Boar's Head, etc. Do any of the usual suspects have house-made beef franks or at least a better selection of non-mass produced franks? I thought Winn-Dixie carried Dietz and Watson but no luck there. Looking for franks more than wursts. Thanks!

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  1. Just found out that NY Butcher uses a Hebrew National made for them (somewhat different spicing). Nothing special about the price.

    Mr. P's apparently makes their own all beef franks plus a "steak and cheese" and a steak with jalapenos. While that really does not tell me a lot, it sounds interesting. They are 1/4 to 1/3 lb franks and they sell for $6.99/lb. Anyone tried any of these?

    Need to start calling the other places too.

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      I got an e-mail yesterday from the Cajun Cleaver advertising their home-made hotdogs. It didn't say much else other than that they're having a special on them for this weekend.

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        I drove way out to CC on Saturday to check these hotdogs out. When I got there, the 1/3 lb beef and pork hotdogs in natural casings looked amazing but they only had 6 left and I needed about 15. They nicely offered to make up some fresh dogs while I waited. I had some other area errands to run so when we returned 30 minutes later they were all bagged up and ready. At around $5.69/lb, we are talking some spendy dogs (a little under $2 each), but these were amazing and very flavorful. Good snap, great beefy flavor without being too overpoweringly beefy (ie kayam or hebrew national) and only needed a little mustard.

        Appreciate the heads up mahalan.

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          Thanks for the review! I'm usually not a hotdog eater (but plan on checking out some of the spots from Birmingham Magazine when my neice visits) but will stop by to try these out.

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        Boutwell Farms sells yummy "cowdogs," "pork dogs" and a mix of both at Pepper Place. Or at least they did last summer -- I haven't checked lately. Which reminds me, I think I have a last package in the freezer and this weekend would be the right time to use them up!

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          I love those Boutwell dogs, especially the "hog dogs." The farm has been having problems with the drought and their cattle, so they have not been able to sell much beef. But their pork is going strong, according to the web site.