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Jun 28, 2011 10:46 AM

ROGANIC - Simon rogan and Ben spalding take on London

First lunch on opening day was fabulous.Roganic in Marylebone , London. 5 and 10 course menus on at the moment and changing every 6 weeks with the seasons.Lots of organic and wild food from around the British isles with an emphasis on wild cumbrian ingredients.

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  1. Cant seem to find the link to upload my pics , can anyone help me out here ?
    Here is the link to them on my flickr gallery anyways -

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    1. re: sped98

      Lovely. I have a dinner scheduled for July 8. I'm quite eager.

      1. re: Nancy S.

        i'm there for lunch on the 8th ;)

        i can't wait!

        1. re: abby d

          Went for lunch today and it was absolutely stunning. The second best meal I've had in London behind Viajante.
          Incredible flavour combinations and the complexity and depth of the flavours and textures on the plate was incredible. The menu descriptions on the website probably cover about half of what was on each plate.

          They are changing the menu on Tuesday so it gets a bit cheaper at lunchtime if you only want to have 5 courses.

          1. re: ManInTransit

            yeah the style of food definitely reminds me of viajante... just not sure yet whether im really into it? i cant disagree that its complex, but w/ things like the brill w/ chicken salt - the brill seemed to be just texture in the end... you couldnt taste the fish at all imo

    2. i went on friday and it was a mixed experience for me. while i generally thought the food was really good there wasn't anything that made me say wow.

      most dishes had something good about them - the first course which was a pearl barley risotto with stichelton and pear was my favourite, followed by the hogget with artichokes (wonderfully intense lamb flavours and i loved the combination with the artichoke) and the potato with onion puree and onion ash.

      the brill with chicken salt was a bit of a disappointment as the fish flavour was lost amongst the rest of the dish. i didn't enjoy the strawberry with sweet cicely and verbena and buttermilk at all. i also thought portions size was small - perhaps they are expecting everyone to go for the full 10 courses but having had 6 i still left hungry (i should have had the third bread roll that was provided!)

      service needs work - it was very slow, we asked about timings and from that advice chose the 6 course tasting menu which meant we weren't bought menus so "ate blind", our first course arrived before the wine and the accoustics meant that we couldn't hear the descriptions of the dishes (i asked them to repeat it a few times but then gave up), the bill only arrived after 3 requests. hopefully all of these issues will be dealt with as they get settled.

      i can't decide if i want to go back.

      nancy - how was your dinner?